square nut

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Noun1.square nut - nut with a square shapesquare nut - nut with a square shape    
nut - a small (usually square or hexagonal) metal block with internal screw thread to be fitted onto a bolt
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Then there is a straight bar with holes in each end that the strap goes through and a square nut screwed on to tighten it.
The bleed valve is the small square nut at the top end of the radiator.
If the metal bends outward, it can't hold the mechanism's square nut in place.
Optional accessories include chainwheel, square nut, stem extension, and bronze bearings.
Tenders are invited for Supply of rolled ball screw and square nut with end matching
I fabricate squared bolts by brazing a square nut onto a threaded rod cut to length.
Tenders are invited for Bolt Ms Hex Head Size M30 110Mm Long With One Square Nut And One Spring Washer As Per Drg.
Tenders are invited for Qty 1350 - machine bolt, 5/8" diameter x 12" long; 6" minimum thread length, 12,400 lbs minimum tensile strength, roll threaded, hot dip galvanized steel, cone point, with a square nut attached.
8 Is 1364 Size M36x120mm With Square Nut Spring Washer, Plain Washer And Holes On Bolt Head 04 Sides And 01 Hole On Bottom End For Gear Case Fixing As Per Sample