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Adj.1.square-shaped - shaped like a square
angulate, angular - having angles or an angular shape
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The officer could come to no conclusion as to the capacity of the head, which was covered by a close cap; but hidden though it was, it seemed to him to be one of the square-shaped kind that gave rise to the expression "square-headed.
Designs include a square-shaped couplet saying "Dog Brings Prosperity", which has a dogs forming the shape of the character for prosperity.
The model features an all-new face with a chrome grille that connects seamlessly into the redesigned headlamp cluster, bigger skid plate, new square-shaped tail lights and restyled tailgate.
It's hard to generalize a fit for a specific face, but the general guidelines are: for a round face, usually square-shaped sunglasses work best.
The square-shaped pieces of wax are placed on top of an oil burner with a tea light underneath.
Triangle's friend, Square, lives in a square-shaped rock with a square-shaped door and small, medium and big square-shaped rocks all around.
The property has an entrance hall, large square-shaped living room with double-glazed bay window and timber fireplace surrounding the living flame gas fire, coakroom and utility room.
She was wearing school uniform but is likely to have changed into blue jeans, a blue hooded top and be carrying a brown square-shaped bag.
The main square-shaped prayer room can accommodate 6,500 worshipers and has a central dome which rises 50 metres above the floor.
The BlackBerry sports a huge square-shaped display with three rows of QWERTY keyboard.
Contract awarded for Sembawang Primary School is inviting vendors to quote for the supply and installation of the following library furniture(a) 5 square-shaped tables; (b) 21 trapezium-shaped or semi-circle shaped tables; and (c) 3 Wall mounted magazine and newspapers racks.
com Square faces "WIDE brims look good on a square-shaped face and an asymmetric line can look lovely.