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Somewhat or almost square.


(ˈskwɛər ɪʃ)

approximately square.
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Adj.1.squarish - somewhat square in appearance or form
square - having four equal sides and four right angles or forming a right angle; "a square peg in a round hole"; "a square corner"
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The C3 has the squarish but strong body shape and the Airbumps on the side just like the Cactus, only smaller and more colourful.
It is mostly squarish with wide sliding windows and doors.
It is a squarish shape with a friendly face, tinted rear windows, roof bars and 180mm of ground clearance - handy if you want to take it on rough terrain.
Things I like: The slightly squarish handle so the knife doesn't turn in your hand, and it's easy to index it.
html) Amazon are fidget spinners or their squarish sibling, the fidget cube.
Amazon has now integrated the long-rumoured touchscreen display in Echo speakers and has completely given up the spherical design in favour of a squarish form-factor that makes it look like a tiny television with speakers attached to the bottom of the screen.
A horizontal canvas measuring approximately ten by nineteen feet was a hazy, primary--and secondary-colored beast bleeding off the edges, its middle more defined, like some Futurist meta-machine; while a roughly thirteen-foot, squarish composition recalled Joan Mitchell's levitating tangles with its rhythmically shredded curtain form in cross-faded Popsicle tones.
The Carlino design study concept features squarish taillights, large rugged wheels, suicide doors, front and rear skid plates, roof carriers, side air intakes, and sleek headlights with LED daytime running lights.
I have not met Mischa Barton, but I want to wear the greenish-blue Chloe dress she wore on a red carpet, and to have her cute squarish cheekbony face with the cute squarish smile, and to talk in her unlikely fake California accent with the British undertones.
The lggings are constructed in chap style, typical of the early 20th century period, each measuring 31 inches by 17 inches and made of a single elk hide, folded and tailored to a squarish cut.
Roman letter typography displaced gothic for the written word as early as 1500, but for two centuries music printers stuck with heavy, squarish gothic diamondshaped-note fonts.