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n. pl. squawfish or squaw·fish·es
A pikeminnow.


(Animals) old-fashioned any of several types of predatory N American fish (genus Ptychocheilus) of the carp family, with elongated bodies



n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
any large, slender cyprinid fish of the genus Ptychocheilus, of W North America.
[1880–85, Amer.]
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He was fishing for squawfish otherwise known by its new politically correct name, the northern pikeminnow.
Life history of the Colorado squawfish, Ptychocheilus lucius, and the Colorado chub, Gila robusta, in the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument, 1964-1966.
In the early 1990s, however, Dexter Lake's large population of northern squawfish (as pikeminnows were then known) was seen as competition for the rainbow trout fishery Lowell officials wanted to see developed in the lake.
Bestgen and Bundy (1998) reported increments deposited on sagittae of Colorado squawfish (Ptychocheilus lucius) were difficult to distinguish after fish were 30 days old and thus lapilli were used to age older fish.
Eleven place names have been eliminated, including two different Squaw Creeks in the Kootenay region, two different Squawfish Lakes, a Squaw Lake, and Squaw Mountain in the Omineca-Peace region, and Squaw Fish Lake, Squaw Island, Squaw Range, and two Squaw Creeks in the Skeena region.
In Colorado, Indian activists recently got the endangered squawfish renamed the Colorado pike minnow.
Some species, such as the Colorado squawfish, cross state boundaries and require attention from a regional if not a national body.
Whatever size trout you catch on streamers - which imitate sculpin, squawfish, carp and other small prey - they hit it real hard, so you think you have Moby Dick on the line,'' said Gary Gunsolley, a Bishop tackle-shop proprietor who cast a No.
That may sound ideal--at least for trout fishermen and eagles--but many native animals, such as squawfish and humpback chard, have lost most of their warm, muddy habitat and are now threatened or endangered.
Three species of fish native to the river - the Colorado River squawfish, the bony-logical tailed chub, and the razorback sucker - have disappeared.
The list of predators includes: seals, sea lions, the northern squawfish, American shad, murrelets and gulls.