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adj. Informal
1. Perfectly clean: squeaky-clean hair.
2. Free from moral fault or taint; untarnished and virtuous: "Despite its squeaky-clean image, [the agency] suffered waste and inefficiency" (William D. Marbach).


1. (Hairdressing & Grooming) (of hair) washed so clean that wet strands squeak when rubbed
2. completely clean
3. informal derogatory (of a person) cultivating a virtuous and wholesome image


1. scrupulously clean.
2. virtuous; wholesome; above reproach.


adj (inf)absolut sauber (inf), → blitzsauber (inf); the squeaky-clean brigadedie Saubermänner pl (inf)
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The Squeaky Clean Kids program will provide soap to communities at risk of trachoma or trachoma resurgence, and promote hygiene messages there and in local schools.
He used to be this squeaky clean Disney Channel dude, but all that changed the magical night he accidentally dropped a condom on the red carpet at the premiere of the children's film The Lorax.
SQUEAKY clean TV duo Ant and Dec have admitted they once dabbled with drugs.
I'm not rude in front of people that I don't know, but I tell I dirty joke now and then - I'm not squeaky clean," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.
BROTHER and sister act Same Difference have swapped squeaky clean polka dots for sexy black PVC.
Considering the current crisis, instead of the usual fruitless squabbling, it would be good if our squeaky clean new Parliamentarians were forced to work together to find the solutions we need.
Owen, who has often been seen as a squeaky clean member of the group, has said he was "deeply sorry" for the pain he had caused his wife and friends through his flings with up to 10 women.
THE Russian game is also far from squeaky clean - if comments made by Sergei Kapkov are anything to go by.
Warren Bradley needs to remember that no political party has come out of the expenses row squeaky clean, and that includes the Liberal Democrats - didn't I read in your paper that Lord Rennard of Wavertree (Lib-Dem) had claimed pounds 40,000 for a holiday home in Eastbourne?
We have got to be squeaky clean, especially away from home.
Once used it leaves skin super-smooth and hydrated with no sense of dryness as well as squeaky clean and glowing.
We just have to try our best to stay squeaky clean, stay out of trouble for the rest of the season, and not let them have any opportunity to put us in that position.