squeeze bottle

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squeeze′ bot`tle

a flexible plastic bottle the contents of which can be forced out by squeezing.
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5-liter sizes, a squeeze bottle, a serving tray with folding handle, a bowl-and-spoon set, decorative trivets, an oven mitt apron and a French Glass Carafe with nesting glasses.
Fill the plastic squeeze bottle, NSN 8125-01-134-5409, from the crosswind sensor cleaning kit with clean water.
Most Innovative: McDowell Label & Screen, Plano, TX, USA, for its suede-textured label for a tanning product squeeze bottle.
Putting jelly in a plastic squeeze bottle will prevent crosscontact with peanut butter.
This draws the smoke through the cotton filter and into the squeeze bottle.
Place the tomato mayonnaise in a squeeze bottle and decorate the plate around the lime mayonnaise with dots of colour.
99 for 200ml Ease of use: Comes in aneasy to squeeze bottle -simple to use.
That little plastic squeeze bottle of certified, organically-grown grapefruit seed extract is a real winner.
Examination of the hand-soldering process revealed that operators were using a squeeze bottle to apply liquid flux to the board-before hand soldering the battery terminals.
Coming in the form of a granular, porous material, conveniently packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle, Scent-Ammo removes the ammonia from any urine-based scent.
9 powder solvent, a plastic squeeze bottle of lubricating oil, a takedown cleaning rod to fit any rifle or handgun from .
Keep a plastic squeeze bottle half-filled with water in the bathroom and fill it with those leftover little pieces of soap for a soap jelly that makes an efficient hand wash.