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An accordion.
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Thursday's show features Maslen on lead guitar and squeezebox and fellow founder member, singer and guitarist Ron Holmes.
She plays cello, he plays squeezebox - an unlikely combination but they sound good together.
There's live music on cello, squeezebox and ukulele, 1950s science, nano-puppetry, and a song composed from human DNA coding.
It includes Andy Vine's powerful political cartoons and animation, puppetry and musical arrangements by renowned folk singer and squeezebox player John Kirkpatrick.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-November 8, 2011-Logitech introduces MOG music service for Squeezebox players(C)1995-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
He's got his squeezebox out, of course, but not for whisky-tinged tunes with Aly Bain.
Fiddles and squeezebox sit easily alongside electronica and ambient effects.
The intuitive Squeezebox interface was designed for speed and convenience.
SQUEEZEBOX, stomp-box and fiddle make up the powerful and exciting sound of John Spiers and Jon Boden, reappearing soon at Cox's Yard in Stratford.
Audio streamers such as the Squeezebox Duet are an ideal solution, letting you play your tunes in different rooms around the house using your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.
Music stored in MP3tunes Music Lockers can also be played on Windows Mobile devices, the Logitech Squeezebox, Chumby and more, thanks to MP3tunes' open API (Application Programming Interface).