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sta·ble 1

adj. sta·bler, sta·blest
a. Resistant to change of position or condition; not easily moved or disturbed: a house built on stable ground; a stable platform.
b. Not subject to sudden or extreme change or fluctuation: a stable economy; a stable currency.
c. Maintaining equilibrium; self-restoring: a stable aircraft.
2. Enduring or permanent: a stable peace.
a. Consistent or dependable: She has been stable in her support for the project.
b. Not showing or marked by erratic or volatile emotions or behavior: He remained stable even after he lost his job.
4. Physics Having no known mode of decay; indefinitely long-lived. Used of atomic particles.
5. Chemistry Not easily decomposed or otherwise modified chemically.

[Middle English, from Old French estable, from Latin stabilis; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

sta′ble·ness n.
sta′bly adv.

sta·ble 2

a. A building for the shelter and feeding of certain domestic animals, especially horses.
b. A group of animals lodged in such a building.
a. All the racehorses belonging to a single owner or racing establishment.
b. The personnel employed to keep and train such a group of racehorses.
3. A group, as of athletes or entertainers, under common management: a stable of prizefighters.
v. sta·bled, sta·bling, sta·bles
To put or keep in a stable.
To live in a stable.

[Middle English, from Old French estable, from Latin stabulum, stable, standing place; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


 a stand or halt of armed men, 1450.
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Adv.1.stably - in a stable solid fixed manner; "the boulder was balanced stably at the edge of the canyon"
2.stably - in a stable unchanging manner; "the death rate in Russia has been stably high"
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All DS2000 satellites in orbit, including the TURKSAT-4A launched last year, continue to operate stably.
At the 18-month mark, researchers found that 86 percent of study participants were stably housed, 90 percent were engaged in HIV care and 55 percent were virally suppressed.
We will focus on building a selfcontrolled national space infrastructure that can operate continuously and stably for a long time," Yang added.
Varenicline promoted durable smoking cessation without exacerbating depression or anxiety in a randomized, phase IV, industry-funded study of patients with stably treated major depressive disorder.
Varenicline successfully promoted durable smoking cessation without exacerbating depression or anxiety in a randomized, phase IV, industry-funded study of patients with stably treated major depressive disorder.
As current secondary batteries including nickel-cadmium ones cannot operate stably at below minus 20 C, the new product was developed by optimizing battery electrolyte concentration and improving negative electrodes for low temperature operation, according to Panasonic.
It has confirmed that water injection into the stricken reactor and the spent fuel pool is continuing stably.
Speaking at a quarterly meeting of the central bank's branch managers, Kuroda pledged to continue "quantitative and qualitative monetary easing" to achieve an inflation target of 2 percent and as long as it is necessary for maintaining the target stably.
As for the recent financial market volatility, Kuroda said, "It is extremely desirable for the long-term bond market to move stably," adding that the BOJ will increase communication with bond market participants and conduct market operations in a flexible manner.
Once considered "one of the world's most deeply and stably Catholic countries," Ireland, like other parts of Europe, can now be classified as post-Catholic because of sociological changes and lingering fallout from the child sexual abuse scandals, Martin said.
local media quoted an official from the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry as reporting, adding that if the gas is extracted stably for about two weeks in the ongoing experiment it would be a "major step" toward future commercial development of the resource.