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1. An orderly pile, especially one arranged in layers: a stack of newspapers. See Synonyms at heap.
2. A large, usually conical pile of straw or fodder arranged for outdoor storage.
3. Computers A section of memory and its associated registers used for temporary storage of information in which the item most recently stored is the first to be retrieved.
4. A group of three rifles supporting each other, butt downward and forming a cone.
a. A chimney or flue.
b. A group of chimneys arranged together.
6. A vertical exhaust pipe, as on a ship or locomotive.
7. stacks
a. An extensive arrangement of bookshelves.
b. The area of a library in which most of the books are shelved.
8. A stackup.
9. An English measure of coal or cut wood, equal to 108 cubic feet (3.06 cubic meters).
10. Informal A large quantity: a stack of work to do.
v. stacked, stack·ing, stacks
1. To arrange in a stack; pile.
2. To load or cover with stacks or piles: stacked the dishwasher.
a. Games To prearrange the order of (a deck of cards) so as to increase the chance of winning.
b. To prearrange or fix unfairly so as to favor a particular outcome: tried to stack the jury.
4. To direct (aircraft) to circle at different altitudes while waiting to land.
To form a stack: Make sure the boxes stack neatly against the wall.
Phrasal Verb:
stack up Informal
1. To measure up or equal: Their gift doesn't stack up against his.
2. To make sense; add up: Her report just doesn't stack up.

[Middle English stak, pile, heap, haystack, from Old Norse stakkr.]

stack′a·ble adj.
stack′er n.


(Aeronautics) the arrangement of aircraft traffic in busy flight lanes, esp while waiting to land at an airport, with a minimum vertical separation for safety of 1000 feet below 29 000 feet and 2000 feet above 29 000 feet
References in classic literature ?
So they came, stacking their guns at the gate of the kraal, for it was death for any man, white or black, to come armed before the presence of the king.
Daylight drew it across to him, with firm fingers separating and stacking the markers and I.
By the afternoon, one feeding and one, stacking up, they were running socks and stockings through the mangle while the irons were heating.
When the ice-men were at work here in '46-7, the cakes sent to the shore were one day rejected by those who were stacking them up there, not being thick enough to lie side by side with the rest; and the cutters thus discovered that the ice over a small space was two or three inches thinner than elsewhere, which made them think that there was an inlet there.
Pollyanna, smiling bravely now, flew about, hanging the dresses in the closet, stacking the books on the table, and putting away the undergarments in the bureau drawers.
Staktek has maintained a long-standing relationship with Micron from our earliest TSOP stacking technologies to our high-performance CSP stacking solutions today, and we are excited to be part of their latest success," said Jim Cady, President and CEO of Staktek.
The new devices are offered as bare chips for stacking flexibility with other semiconductors such as flash memory and microprocessors in Multi-Chip-Package (MCP) and System-in-Package (SiP) designs.
Nasdaq:STAK), a major provider of high-density packaged memory stacking solutions, today announced that the Staktek High Performance Stakpak(R), the company's chip scale package stacking solution for DDR1 and DDR2 SDRAMs, is now in volume production.
Friedli Corporate Finance and Battery Ventures Co-lead Deal to Increase Manufacturing Capacity for Leading Edge Die Stacking Technology
Nasdaq:STAK), a major provider of high-density packaged memory stacking solutions, today announced at Denali MemCon San Jose the availability of its High Performance Stakpak(R) for stacking DDR2 and DDR1 DRAMs in Chip Scale Packages.
Completes production of close-out orders for LP Stacking technology
This breakthrough stacking technology is expected to play an important role in offering future high-capacity memory solutions.