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A base or support, especially a platform on which hay or straw is stacked.

[Middle English stathel, from Old English stathol; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Agriculture) a support or prop, esp a low flat-topped stone structure for supporting hay or corn stacks about two feet above ground level
2. (Agriculture) a supporting frame for such a stack
3. (Agriculture) the lower part of a hay or corn stack
[Old English stathol base; related to Old Norse stothull cow pen, Old High German stadal barn]


(ˈstæd l)

1. the lower part of a stack of hay or the like.
2. a platform or supporting frame for a stack.
3. any supporting framework or base.
[before 900; Middle English stathel, Old English stathol base, support, tree trunk, c. Old High German stadal barn, Old Norse stǫthull milking place; akin to stead]
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Noun1.staddle - a base or platform on which hay or corn is stacked
pedestal, stand, base - a support or foundation; "the base of the lamp"
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Even as you may see in coppice woods; if you leave your staddles too thick, you shall never have clean underwood, but shrubs and bushes.
She identified a number of words in the glossary that figure in the speech of the Hobbits of Middle Earth, writing that: "Some appear as elements in place-names like Bree (bree, bru, the brow of a hill), Staddle (staeddl, staddle, a timber stand or base for a stack), or the element Brock (brok, a badger) in Brockenborings.
ON one of our valuation days at our Southport office, a lady came in with photographs of some staddle stones and stone troughs she had, and wanted to sell.
Cleveland Tontine, Staddle Bridge, Northallerton Cuisine: British traditional Price range: From PS18 to PS56 The inspector's view: This established basement bistro is something of a local institution.
It precedes all forms and it is a carrier and a staddle for creation.
Tim Price, of insurers, NFU Mutual, said: "Thieves will take anything from heavy concrete mushroom staddle stones (traditionally used to above the groun grain from verm troughs, to flocks "Up to 90% of volves sheep.
Thieves will take anything, from heavy concrete mushroom staddle stones (traditionally used to lift granaries above the ground to protect grain from vermin) and feed troughs, to whole flocks of sheep," he said.
If all this is too flippant for you, the serious collector is spoilt for choice by about 200 years of decorative garden antiques: fountains, urns, sundials, staddle stones (or mushroom stones), birdbaths and jardiniAres' furniture made from stone, marble, cast iron, notably the famous Coalbrookdale products, and even garden gnomes - some of which do qualify as antiques.
Priced at pounds 350,000, the four-bedroom mid-terrace cottage is called Staddle Stones with an address of The Fold Yard, Hartford Hall.
The Irish jockey smashed Richard Dunwoody's all-time winners record when he notched up his 1,700th victory in the staddle.
Sutherland escaped with staddle stones worth more than pounds 6,000, committing 24 offences between November last year and April.
David took the blonde- haired twins to a local pub called The Staddle Stones in Cheltenham, Glos, where they met his friends Danny Winter and Wisdom Smith.