stag party

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stag′ par`ty

a social gathering or outing for men only.
buck party, stag party - A buck party, like a stag party, is one without ladies.
See also related terms for lady.
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Noun1.stag party - a party for men only (or one considered suitable for men only)
party - a group of people gathered together for pleasure; "she joined the party after dinner"
bachelor party - stag party held for a bachelor (usually on the night before he is married)
حَفْلَه ساهِرَه للرِّجال فَقَط
pánská jízda
despedida de solteiro
mládenecká rozlúčka
erkekler partisi


(stӕg) noun
a male deer, especially a red deer.
ˈstag party noun
a party for men only just before one of them gets married (for women see hen party).
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And just an hour before the groomto-be was due to set off from his Aldridge home, the Lincolnshire resort cancelled the event and left the group facing the unthinkable - a wedding without a stag party.
MISSING stag party Scot Liam Colgan's worried family have confirmed a sighting of him for the first time.
Zak and Joanie's big wedding looks under threat when the pig farmer gets hammered at his stag party.
A STAG party had an unplanned landing at Newcastle Airport after being booted off a flight from Prague for disruptive behaviour.
An article appeared on P11 of the Daily Post on 20th March 2015 under the heading: "Fury of Stag Party Kicked Off the Benidorm Flight" The article contained a photograph of a group of people including Mr McCann with the words "Members of the stag group on a previous trip" to the effect that Mr Jonathan McCann was guilty of being a party to unruly and disruptive behaviour such as to require the forcible removal of him and others from a UK flight.
ie, winner of Dragons' Den and Ireland's leading Stag Party organisers, to offer one winner and 5 friends a party weekend in Dublin.
Ian Gilmour punched his victim, who was on a stag party, three to four times inside the Flagship Bar.
A STAG party reveller drowned after pals allegedly failed to fetch help when he fell in the water.
FOUR members of a Welsh stag party who became embroiled in a mass brawl between rival football hooligans at a race meeting were cleared of affray yesterday.
Prosecutors claimed the four Welshmen, who were on a stag party, were "aggressive, violent and out of control" during the fighting.
The Conservative MP who took part in a Nazi-themed stag party has been reselected to represent the party at the next election - even though police are still investigating his behaviour.