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A person who works backstage or off camera preparing or maintaining the stage or set for a recorded or live production, as by moving scenery or by setting up and adjusting video, audio, and lightning equipment.


(Theatre) a person who sets the stage, moves props, etc, in a theatrical production



a person who moves properties, regulates lighting, etc., in a theatrical production.
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Noun1.stagehand - an employee of a theater who performs work involved in putting on a theatrical production
stage crew - crew of workers who move scenery or handle properties in a theatrical production
employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job
property man, property master, propman - member of the stage crew in charge of properties
sceneshifter, shifter - a stagehand responsible for moving scenery
عامِل تَرتيب مَنْظَر المَسْرَح
díszletezõ munkás
dekor işçisi


[ˈsteɪdʒhænd] Ntramoyista mf, sacasillas m


[ˈsteɪdʒhænd] nmachiniste mfstage-manage [ˌsteɪdʒˈmænɪdʒ] vt [+ event, attack] → orchestrerstage manager nrégisseur/euse m/fstage name nnom m de scènestage-struck [ˈsteɪdʒstrʌk] adj
to be stage-struck → rêver de faire du théâtrestage whisper naparté m


[ˈsteɪdʒˌhænd] n (Theatre) → macchinista m


(steidʒ) noun
a raised platform especially for performing or acting on, eg in a theatre.
1. to prepare and produce (a play etc) in a theatre etc. This play was first staged in 1928.
2. to organize (an event etc). The protesters are planning to stage a demonstration.
ˈstaging noun
1. wooden planks etc forming a platform.
2. the way in which a play etc is presented on a stage. The staging was good, but the acting poor.
stage direction
an order to an actor playing a part to do this or that. a stage direction to enter from the left.
stage fright
the nervousness felt by an actor etc when in front of an audience, especially for the first time. The young actress was suffering from stage fright and could not utter a word.
ˈstagehand noun
a workman employed to help with scenery etc.
stage manager
a person who is in charge of scenery and equipment for plays etc.
ˈstagestruck adjective
fascinated with the theatre or having a great desire to become an actor/actress.
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Katy Perry is being sued by a stagehand, who claims she lost a toe after working on the singer's Prismatic World Tour.
His first job was working as a stagehand for the San Francisco Opera and on the sets of movies like "True Lies" and "Mars Attacks
After 20-some years as a choreographer, dancer and stagehand, Minneapolis-based Karen Sherman has the chops to contrast two worlds: stagehands, whose job requires them to disappear, and dancers, who are constantly exposed to scrutiny.
Eugene Patton, the stagehand who became ''Gene Gene the Dancing Machine'' on television's ''The Gong Show'' in the late 1970s, has died.
Cooper's reply is not printable, and he seriously asked a stagehand if they could get priests to hang around in the wings during the panto.
4million to a stagehand who was hurt during a Broadway production of Macbeth.
The Gary Moore-trained five-year-old has had his last four runs in novice hurdling company, and hasn't been seen since returning last of nine finishers behind Stagehand at Exeter in February 2008.
He told the crowd he didn't remember that ever happening before, and after a stagehand provided a towel and some cotton for his right nostril, Jones went on with his show.
Letitia, 40, started romancing lowly stagehand Alex Lillyman, 20, after splitting from her husband last year.
Secter's next film also broke new ground by portraying a romance between a white male stagehand and a female performer from a visiting Chinese dance troupe.