staggered board of directors

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Noun1.staggered board of directors - a board of directors a portion of whose members are elected each year instead of all members being elected annually
board of directors, directorate - a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution
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serving staggered terms of four years each governs the district.
Each Fund's Class II and remaining Class III Trustees, who serve staggered terms, were not up for election and remain in office.
The organization consists of 19 members from various sectors of the community serving three-year staggered terms.
Classified board membership is built on staggered terms, which often can be used as a defensive measure to hold off a potential hostile takeover.
Directors who are serving on a board with staggered terms, even if they have not yet received a request to eliminate the different classes, should be considering the appropriate response.
Those four would continue to serve staggered terms and could only be removed "for cause.
At the annual meeting the shareholders approved proposals which include the classification of the board of directors int three classes with staggered terms.
ARCS Dallas branch helped the borrower, a California real estate investment trust, by structuring the mortgages with staggered terms and flexible collateral conditions.
Gastelum said revising the charter would not infringe on the mayor's powers, since council members would still face term limits and be elected on staggered terms.
Leases with the new owner are on staggered terms through March 2008.
Associate members can be elected to the board for two-year, staggered terms, with the number of associate members on the board not to exceed 25 percent of the board total.
There are multiple directors per zone, who will serve staggered terms of one, two or three years.