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1. Characterized by sedateness and often a strait-laced sense of propriety; serious and conventional.
2. Fixed; permanent: "There is nothing settled, nothing staid in this universe" (Virginia Woolf).

[From obsolete staid, past participle of stay.]

staid′ly adv.
staid′ness n.
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Adv.1.staidly - in a grave and sober manner; "he walked soberly toward the altar"


advgesetzt; dressedgedeckt
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She swam staidly backwards and forwards while the others got up to their larks, and now and then turned on her back to float.
Graph of inflation was staidly climbing and the prices of daily life items also did not see any downwards trend, which shows the mentality of ruling regime for the poor people.
More staidly nationalist and culturally conservative Britons such as Vera Chapman, who established the Tolkien Society in the United Kingdom, were repelled by hippie appropriations of The Lord of the Rings.
At the close of the ceremonies, Mississippi's Colonel William Barks-dale, who later was killed leading a charge at Gettysburg, led the procession--a somber scene of a slow military march to the cadence of the dirge "Lilly Dale," staidly performed by a regimental band--to the train that was to carry his remains home to Jackson.
And Brit actress Helena Bonham Carter - who plays the Queen in the lauded new film The King's Speech - did not disappoint at the staidly attired Golden Globes in LA this week.
Oddly enough, many nudity aficionados seem to favour the mountain trails of staidly conservative Canton Appenzell, where people really do yodel, play the alphorn, and still vote by the show of hands (though always clothed).
But rather than being staidly silent, or reserved in their withholding, these works convey the sense of having tape over their mouths, of having streams of babble kept contained, but only barely so.