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v. stained, stain·ing, stains
1. To discolor, soil, or spot: The spilled juice stained the carpet.
2. To bring into disrepute; taint or tarnish: The scandal stained the mayor's reputation.
3. To change the color of (a piece of wood, for example) by applying a stain.
4. To treat (a specimen for the microscope) with a reagent or dye in order to identify cell or tissue structures or microorganisms.
To produce or receive discolorations: upholstery that stains easily.
1. A discolored or soiled spot or smudge: a stain that was difficult to scrub out.
2. A diminishment of one's moral character or good reputation by being associated with something disgraceful.
3. A liquid substance applied especially to wood that penetrates the surface and imparts a rich color.
4. A reagent or dye used for staining microscopic specimens.

[Middle English steinen, partly from Old French desteindre, desteign-, to deprive of color (des-, dis- + teindre, to dye, from Latin tingere), and partly from Old Norse steina, to paint.]

stain′a·ble adj.
stain′er n.
Synonyms: stain, blot1, brand, stigma, taint
These nouns denote a mark of discredit or disgrace, as on one's good name: a stain on his honor; a blot on an otherwise clean police record; the brand of cowardice; the stigma of ignominious defeat; the taint of political corruption.
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Adj.1.stained - marked or dyed or discolored with foreign matter; "a badly stained tablecloth"; "tear-stained cheeks"
unstained - not stained; "An apron keeps his clothing unstained"
2.stained - having a coating of stain or varnishstained - having a coating of stain or varnish
painted - coated with paint; "freshly painted lawn furniture"


[ˈsteɪnd] adj (= dirty) → taché(e)
to be stained with sth → être taché(e) de qchstained glass n
(= substance) → verre m coloré
(= windows collectively) → vitraux mplstained-glass window nvitrail mstainless steel [ˌsteɪnləsˈstiːl]
nacier m inoxydable
adjen acier inoxydablestain remover ndétachant m


adj fingers, teethgefärbt; clothes, floorfleckig, befleckt (geh); glassbunt, bemalt; reputationbefleckt; stained-glass windowBuntglasfenster nt, → farbiges Glasfenster; stained with bloodblutbefleckt; the white shirt was stained crimson with blooddas weiße Hemd hatte dunkelrote Blutflecken
References in classic literature ?
I can hold them crumpled up in my hand, so no one will know how stained they are.
The manhood of Heyward felt no shame in dropping tears over this spectacle of affectionate rapture; and Uncas stood, fresh and blood- stained from the combat, a calm, and, apparently, an unmoved looker-on, it is true, but with eyes that had already lost their fierceness, and were beaming with a sympathy that elevated him far above the intelligence, and advanced him probably centuries before, the practises of his nation.
Then she said that the paper stained everything it touched, that she had found yellow smooches on all my clothes and John's, and she wished we would be more careful!
If you could put up for a time with something of stained glass and a mahogany veranda--"
I can compare it to nothing but a large door mat, ornamented at the edges with little tinkling tags something like the stained porcupine quills round an Indian moccasin.
These buildings, made of brick and stained with innumerable layers of Packingtown smoke, were painted all over with advertising signs, from which the visitor realized suddenly that he had come to the home of many of the torments of his life.
The old kitchen floor never seems stained or spotted; the tables, the chairs, and the various cooking utensils, never seem deranged or disordered; though three and sometimes four meals a day are got there, though the family washing and ironing is there performed, and though pounds of butter and cheese are in some silent and mysterious manner there brought into existence.
The chamber looked such a bright little place to me as the sun shone in between the gay blue chintz window curtains, showing papered walls and a carpeted floor, so unlike the bare planks and stained plaster of Lowood, that my spirits rose at the view.
Here, in Number Four, are my Adopted Handwritings of public characters; my testimonials to my own worth and integrity; my Heartrending Statements of the officer's family, the curate's wife, and the grazier's widow, stained with tears, blotted with emotion; et cetera, et cetera.
The wine was red wine, and had stained the ground of the narrow street in the suburb of Saint Antoine, in Paris, where it was spilled.
My shirt and trousers, stained with heat, dew, grass, and the Kentish soil on which I had slept - and torn besides - might have frightened the birds from my aunt's garden, as I stood at the gate.
Some fell to the ground, and were trampled to death, others took too much snuff to make them weep, others stained their eyes with saliva, others walked to and fro, their tongues hanging from their jaws, while groans broke from their parched throats.