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stalk 1

a. A stem or main axis of a herbaceous plant.
b. A stem or similar structure that supports a plant part such as a flower, flower cluster, or leaf.
2. A slender or elongated support or structure, as one that holds up an organ or another body part.

[Middle English, probably diminutive of stale, upright of a ladder, post, handle, from Old English stalu; see stel- in Indo-European roots.]

stalk′y adj.

stalk 2

v. stalked, stalk·ing, stalks
1. To pursue or track (prey) stealthily: The lions stalked the zebra from the tall grass.
2. To follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement.
3. To go through (an area) in pursuit of prey or quarry.
1. To walk with a stiff, haughty, or angry gait: stalked off in a huff.
2. To move threateningly or menacingly.
3. To track prey or quarry.

[Middle English stalken, from Old English -stealcian, to move stealthily (in bestealcian).]

stalk′er n.


adj, stalkier or stalkiest
1. like a stalk; slender and tall
2. having or abounding in stalks
ˈstalkily adv
ˈstalkiness n
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Stalky be an athlete, and tell Ipps to put him in the stable room.
Stalky often visits the Infant, and has seen some odd things.
Stalky asked of Imam Din, the servant, who came to attention on the marble floor.
Stalky asked him how much leave he had, and he said "Six months.
Stalky tugged his moustache, and fell to thinking of his Sikhs.
Now for the direct expression," said Stalky, and moved on the Burgundy recommended by the faculty to enrich fever-thinned blood.
Naturally burn the villages before lunch," said Stalky.
That's how we got--" Stalky quoted the name of a province won by just such a sacrifice.
In those early days she had been much loved by others of her own sex and age, and had used to be seen about the village as one of three--all nearly of the same year--walking home from school side by side; Tess the middle one--in a pink print pinafore, of a finely reticulated pattern, worn over a stuff frock that had lost its original colour for a nondescript tertiary--marching on upon long stalky legs, in tight stockings which had little ladder-like holes at the knees, torn by kneeling in the roads and banks in search of vegetable and mineral treasures; her then earth-coloured hair handing like pot-hooks; the arms of the two outside girls resting round the waist of Tess; her arms on the shoulders of the two supporters.
Cinderella enters the room in which he conducts his experiments, he touches the walls and is caught in a maze of stalky tendrils, noting the animal-like qualities of the plants lining the walls.
Stalky Stuff: Options include the thin, wispy bulrush (aka "buggy whip"); sprawling stands of Kissimmee grass (ranging from crisp green to golden brown) and the lush, green maidencane resembling terrestrial grass.
That green, stalky scent is almost overpowering - I always think it's a shame no-one's distilled that essence, because it's almost better than the tomatoes themselves.