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Noun1.stamp tax - a tax collected by requiring a stamp to be purchased and attached (usually on documents or publications)
revenue enhancement, tax, taxation - charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
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A year ago Chancellor George Osborne gave us the surprise - and very welcome - announcement that stamp tax was to be reduced, with new levels saving hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds for buyers.
Create new and / or optimize existing LITEKO functionalities related to the case and their countries of verifying the information, the parties% data, the distribution of cases, procedural events of fixation, non-public files and documents and the registration and storage of litigation required information and data from other institutions, stamp tax, accounting, litigation deadlines monitoring, data entry retroactively, search and statistical reports and making other judicial work of relevant problematic issues; 3.
Law 143/2006, issued to amend some provisions of the stamp tax law, issued under Law 111/ 1980, stipulates stamp tax amounts to 20% of advertisements.
Finally, stamp tax has also increased by the same rate.
The bill also calls for raising taxes on interest on deposits from 5 to 7 percent, and slapping additional fines on the owners of illegal coastal properties; fees and taxes on the profits generated from the sales of properties; and a fiscal stamp tax.
Contract requirement for all gas transactions and related stamp tax exemptions.
Lu pointed out that China Securities Regulatory Commission is also studying the feasibility of cutting stamp tax, equivalent to stock transaction tax in Taiwan, for stock trading, in order to stimulate the market.
It was probably used for administrative purposes and could have been used to stamp tax shipments from Bethlehem to Jerusalem.
Motor vehicles tax, stamp tax, sanitation tax, fees, traffic & tax fines will rise 7.
Does the Florida documentary stamp tax on deeds (the deed tax) apply to the conveyance of unencumbered Florida real property from a grantor to a wholly owned entity?
However, due to stamp tax regulations, netting is not likely to occur in the near term in the UK and Ireland.
It implies protest against the Stamp Tax - the row that led to the American Revolution and US independence.