stand apart

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w>stand apart

vi (lit)abseitsstehen; (fig)sich fernhalten; to stand apart from the othersabseitsstehen
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June 9: Hamdan suggests AF Ambassador Bo Van Pelt select "the Saturday polo" from the Chambers Bay collection in navy blue with collar and cuffs in red, white and blue plaid that reflects "proud American heritage" and will ensure that the seasoned pro "will truly Stand Apart.
Global Banking News-December 13, 2012--Sweden opts to stand apart from banking union(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
In what other ways will you stand apart from the other senators?
MKDA has helped XE Capital, an asset management and capital markets firm, stand apart from traditional investment firms with an edgy 5,000 s/f build out on the second-floor at 24 West 40th Street.
Several features makes Polar Bear Windows stand apart from its competitors.
has found a way to stand apart from neighbors such as Harvard, by focusing on supply chain management.
These network-based KVM products, the newest appliances within the Cyclades AlterPath System for remote IT administration, stand apart as the industry's first KVM solution to offer Cyclades AdaptiveKVM technology (patent pending) that combines the widely used Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) functionality with KVM over IP access.
Rather than create a sports coupe of interchangeable British style, it must recreate the sensuous line and form found in cars like the C-Type Le Mans racer, and marry it with unparalleled pace and grace to stand apart from the rest of the crowd.
IN THIS COUNTRY of islands, there are a few bits of land that stand apart.
Benedictine communities of men and women were never intended to be part of the hierarchical or clerical status of the church, but to stand apart from this structure and offer a different voice.