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Self-contained and usually independently operating: a standalone computer terminal.


(ˈstænd əˌloʊn)

(of an electronic device) able to function without connection to a larger system.


n. estandona, droga esteroide anabólica.
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HTC has announced a new standalone virtual reality headset called the HTC Vive Focus.
16 November 2011 -- Moody's today placed on review for downgrade the C- standalone bank financial strength rating (BFSR) of Italian banking group UniCredit (BIT:UCG) after the latter announced a EUR10.
Delta Air Lines should "consider methodically, proactively and fairly strategic alternatives to its standalone Chapter 11 plan," a group of "unofficial" unsecured creditors said last week in a statement.
For many, the business model often evolves from ancillary--providing limited advice--to a more dedicated standalone model and eventually to include investment advisory services.
There may be some potential profit sharing in the event of favorable loss experience, but the profit-sharing terms do not address the limited income or surplus protection benefits provided by the standalone terrorism covers.
The system integrates seamlessly into existing fab networks as a wireless overlay or standalone wireless network for NanoNet, a proprietary software networking technology for integrated and standalone metrology systems.
This test consisted of a "three-position" measurement: the standalone balance was servoed to an angular offset from its central position for a fixed time period (80 s), then returned to its central position, where a measurement of the servo torque was made.
He or she will be able to compare prices and coverage, since in some cases standalone policies are less expensive and offer better terms and conditions.
However, a provision known as the mirror legislation provision prevents the use of the standalone exception when the foreign country has legislation similar to, or "mirroring," section 1503(d).
a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator equipment, announces the release of two new standalone USB duplicator solutions for bulk data loading to USB flash memory.
We will continue to work with the Creditors' Committee as it evaluates the value created by our proposal compared with Delta's standalone plan.
According to IDC, the collaborative applications market - which consists of solutions for integrated collaborative environments (ICE), team collaborative applications (TCA), standalone enterprise email, standalone service provider email, real-time data conferencing, and group calendaring/scheduling - is expected to hit $3.