Standard English

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Standard English

The variety of English that is generally acknowledged as the model for the speech and writing of educated speakers, especially when contrasted with speech varieties that are limited to or characteristic of a certain region or social group.

Stand′ard Eng′lish

the English language in its most widely accepted form, as written and spoken by educated people in both formal and informal contexts, having universal currency while incorporating regional differences.

standard English

ninglese m standard
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Throughout our interview, Jen refers to Standard English as proper English, she tells me, "I went to a private school .
No dialect enthusiast has ever suggested that we dispense with standard English.
Relying on such verbal tactics as creolization and deterritorialization, Behan commits acts of linguistic sabotage sufficient to undermine the claims of British cultural and social superiority that so often accompany the use of Standard English.
I recommend the now titled The New Fowler's Modern English Usage (first published in 1926, and now in its third edition) as an excellent and acknowledged guide to the standard English of today.
While through Lemert's influence I integrate my life experience into my teaching and research, through Acker's metaphor of "getting the man out of [one's] head," I have been encouraged to get the power of Standard English and whiteness out of my head to be able to reflect and write on the connections between Standard English, colonialism, whiteness, and the ESL immigrant experience.
Mrs Walker, who was born in nearby Stockton and has been head at the urban primary for 12 years, stressed the aim was not to wipe out the Teesside accent but to teach children standard English.
I can see what the school is doing and of course it's quite right to point out the value of standard English grammar for writing and when speaking in any slightly more formal context," he said.
that students should switch into Standard English at school and make any code switching decisions when out of school, an idea that Vershawn Ashanti Young confronts in his chapter, "Should Writers Use They Own English?
apartment, covering topics language learners don't get in standard English courses.
Unless and until the curriculum is amended to accept s''s as part of standard English, then its use remains incorrect.
Goyder added that her voice now reflects a standard English sound.
Another possibility that could be added to the list is that students could be bi-dialectal in Standard English and an Indigenous English.

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