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or Stan·dard·bred  (stăn′dərd-brĕd′)
Any of an American breed of trotting and pacing horses developed especially for harness racing by crossing Thoroughbreds with Morgans and other breeds.

[From the fact that in order to be registered as a standardbred, a horse originally had to be able to trot a mile within a standard time of two and a half minutes.]


(ˈstæn dərdˌbrɛd)

(often cap.) any of an American breed of trotting and pacing horses used for harness racing.
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Opened in 1949, and located on 130 acres in Prince George's County on the outskirts of Washington, DC, Rosecroft Raceway is a harness racing facility that runs 88 days of live standardbred racing a year.
It is unlikely that the thieves are aware that Immortal Glance is a young driving horse, a specialised Standardbred pacer with a lateral gait, and that she is fully microchipped for identification.
CEI"), following a formal vote by CEI's stockholder, Cloverleaf Standardbred Owners Association, to approve the transaction.
THE Equine Drug Research council, an arm of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, has recommended a ban on all anabolic steroids in thoroughbred and standardbred racing, writes Dan Farley.
With more than pounds 40,000 more up for grabs in the other 31 races it is hardly surprising that the festival - on Saturday and Sunday - has attracted the cream of the crop of standardbred horses from all parts of the UK and Ireland.
Hoosier Park at Anderson, Indiana's first pari-mutuel racetrack, offers Standardbred, Thoroughbred, and Quarter Horse racing and wholecard simulcasting.
Such fixtures would lead to a massive rise in profile for the sport, in which standardbred horses pull drivers in carts known as sulkies while maintaining either a pacing or trotting gait.
Although the American Standardbred has been imported into this country since the 19th century, it is only recently that a breed society has been formed to cater for the needs of all Standardbreds in Great Britain and Ireland.
Hoosier Park concluded its 13th season of Standardbred racing Saturday, June 24.
He had won only a handful of races from 1990-97 and was living in a tack room at Aqueduct racetrack when a chance conversation with a horseplaying waiter in a Manhattan restaurant led to an introduction to Sandy Goldfarb, a Wall Street commodities trader who was looking to move from standardbred horses to Flat racing.
Standardbred horses are bred to race, thankfully accidents are rare, and most horses enjoy racing and provide fun for a wide range of people.
NASDAQ:UBET) announced today that three of harness racing's greatest contemporary horsemen will act as exclusive spokespersons for the online wagering company's standardbred content.