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One using standing room. See Usage Note at -ee1.


a person who stands, esp when there are no vacant seats



a person who stands, as in a public conveyance, usu. because all seats are occupied.
[1855–60, Amer.]
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Noun1.standee - someone who stands in a place where one might otherwise sit (as a spectator who uses standing room in a theater or a passenger on a crowded bus or train); "the allowed number of standees is posted"
railroad train, train - public transport provided by a line of railway cars coupled together and drawn by a locomotive; "express trains don't stop at Princeton Junction"
stander - an organism (person or animal) that stands; "a crowd of sitters and standers"
2.standee - a lifesize cardboard cutout (usually of a celebrity); "he had his picture taken with a standee of the president"
cutout - a photograph from which the background has been cut away


[stænˈdiː] N (US) → espectador(a) m/f que asiste de pie
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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of flex for hoarding & standees for bhubaneswar territory
We would like to request you to send us a confirmation letter about your participation in the exhibition as Media Supporter along with a high-resolution logo of your esteemed organization so that the same can be displayed in all the promotional materials including banners, backdrops, pamphlets, standees and brochures, etc,' KCCI invitation to media houses issued here on Thursday said.
Why, who has mascots and standees in shopping malls?
He underlined the need for holding walks, seminars, conferences and tableaus along with use of banners, standees, billboards and short messages on packaging of products making the people aware to stand up against the corrupt people.
e shop will o"er a varied and revolving selection of rare autographs, books, magazines, DVD and Blu-rays, collectors' toys, models, limited editions, framed photos, children's toys, trading cards, soundtracks, quad posters, comics and standees.
In 1D World, each Directioner can have souvenir items of the band -hoodies, T-shirts, and even portable standees.
Informative posters, standees and handing out of brochures have been carried out.
Moreover, in order to facilitate consumers, special SIM sale counters for BVS have been set up alongside placement of informative posters, standees and handing out of brochures.
5m city buses, which seat 48 passengers and 18 standees, will be fitted with Australian-designed bodies constructed by Custom, a national bus bodybuilder, the company added.
I also think the one wheelchair for five standees means if a wheelchair is on the bus then it can legally hold five less people standing (based on the calculations in the previous bit).
Heineken officials say mass displays with movie themed enhancers, dynamic pointof-sale materials, including price and tuck cards, cooler decals, Bond standees and pole toppers along with channel specific MIR and IRC offers (where legal) will drive consumer traffic and impulse purchase at retail.
We feel it is important to support the NFC-embedded standees with an on-site promoter, as we recognize that NFC is a new concept to many.