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 (stănd-ô′fĭsh, -ŏf′ĭsh)
Aloof or reserved.

stand·off′ish·ness n.
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Noun1.standoffishness - a disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in mannerstandoffishness - a disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in manner
unsociability, unsociableness - an unsociable disposition; avoiding friendship or companionship
unapproachability - a disposition to be unapproachable; unfriendly and inaccessible
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Down the ladder, Bahriatownisation of middle class and their standoffishness with lower classes is giving birth to a serious class gap.
Mr Klopp was so nice to us, chatting away, no standoffishness, no stardust about him, just a lovely man who appreciated meeting one of his fans.
Thoreau's notion of self-sufficiency did not involve standoffishness, then, and it made ample room for conviviality and company.
72) Apparently, Clinton mistook Breyer's actions as standoffishness and arrogance.
But within a select group of materials exposed to extremely low temperatures, electrons overcome their standoffishness and pair up.
This may be good in the case of antifeminist Lori but a personal standoffishness prevents her from building relationships with Maggie, Carol, Patricia, or even Beth.
The two Democratic Party betrayals plus Sierra Club standoffishness snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
His failure to face marriage and, grosso modo, his schizoid sense of inner weakness and inadequacy came from the same comparison; to recognize in his father "just everything together, good and bad just as it is organically united in [him], viz strength and contempt for others, health and a certain excess; eloquence and standoffishness, self-confidence and dissatisfaction with everybody else, superiority to the world and tyranny, knowledge of the world and distrust of most people in it, and then advantages with no disadvantages attached, such as industry, endurance, presence of mind, fearlessness.
has been taken for a ride, and how Obama's standoffishness, even indifference, toward the Middle East has encouraged this.
There's a standoffishness and I deliberately asked the players against Dublin to ignore the fact that there are new rules with the black card and just play as they normally would.
If your interests are truly entwined with social developments, you will have to climb down from your standoffishness and work with the government at reforming the Kingdom, but you will have to do so fairly and with honest intents.