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One that is conspicuous by virtue of excellence or superiority: "In the hard-working ... supporting cast, there are two standouts" (New York).


or stand′-out`,

1. a person, performance, etc., that is clearly superior to others.
2. outstanding; superior.
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Informal. Far beyond what is usual, normal, or customary:
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The differences between Standout firms and the rest in each of these revenue levels can be significant.
STANDOUT EPISODE: Not only was the "Upgrade Your Breakfast (for Less)" episode memorable thanks to Bobby Flay's cooking tips, it also had the perfectly named guest star: Kevin Bacon.
e and tossed them out the window to create the most memorable and standout record of their The record swept the music community off its feet upon initial release back in October 2014, with standout single "Separate Songs" leading the charge.
Jetplane Landing My Radio Heart Track from their new album and the standout from their incredible comeback performance at Glasgowbury.
The real magic of the StandOut card is not limited to dimensional components inside, but includes full color photographic interiors that add entertainment to the greeting, add officials.
STANDOUT PIECE Marissa Drawstring tan bag, pounds 195 - buy at mischabartonhandbags.
But questions remain in the circle because last year's ace, former San Fernando High standout Selena Salazar, is redshirting the season because of personal reasons.
Within each stage, two key performance indicators distinguish our Standout firms--revenue growth and income generation.
Former Camarillo High softball standout Cambria Miranda is one of 50 players on the preseason watch list for the USA Softball national collegiate Player of the Year.
Reviewer Dory Devlin says the ifrogz case is "Definitely one of the standout iPod covers of 2006"
Beyond these defined criteria, the most obvious performance difference further distinguishing Standout firms is disciplined management of overhead expenses, a key indicator of operational efficiency.