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One that is conspicuous by virtue of excellence or superiority: "In the hard-working ... supporting cast, there are two standouts" (New York).


or stand′-out`,

1. a person, performance, etc., that is clearly superior to others.
2. outstanding; superior.
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Informal. Far beyond what is usual, normal, or customary:
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Former UCLA standouts Lisa Fernandez and Stacey Nuveman and former Camarillo High star Jessica Mendoza have also signed with the LPFA.
However, as noted above, the Standouts among the largest firms grew 20.
And So I Watch You From Afar S is for Salamander S i f S l d Every time I watch this band, they're somehow a little better (I guess constant touring will do that) and this track was a standout amongst standouts on Friday night.
Avanti is also introducing a new format and price point with its collection of StandOuts for both Halloween and Christmas.
Former USC standouts Klete Keller, Tamas Kerekjarto, and Ous Mellouli are scheduled to race, along with UCLA's Kim Vandenberg.
Because we recruit from the nation's top universities like Stanford, Harvard or MIT, we are tapped into the largest pool of high college entry test scores in America, and our results show that National Merit rankings continue to be a great benchmark for those who become standouts in a college recruiting class.
Standouts include ``Thin Wild Mercury,'' based on a 1960s incident between then-rival folkies Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan, and the wonderful low-key ballad ``Unbreakable.
Among technology standouts, shares of Ebay (NASD:EBAY) highlighted the volatility in internet stocks today.
Standouts represent the top one-third of firms at each stage according to two key criteria related to building firm value:
The Cal-Hi Web site has listed its top six nominees, which include Oaks Christian of Westlake Village standouts Jimmy Clausen and Marc Tyler along with Canyon of Canyon Country running back J.
7 per Professional Revenue per $176,957 $363,159 $500,446 $588,656 Professional Figure 2: Median Revenue Growth and Owner Income as a Share of Revenue, Standouts versus Others Annual Revenue Owner Income as a Growth Percentage of Revenue Firm Stage Standouts Others Standouts Others Operators 15% -15% 72% 44% Cultivators 6% -15% 56% 36% Accelerators 7% -13% 54% 39% Innovators -3% -13% 49% 32%