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or stand-up  (stănd′ŭp′)
1. Standing erect; upright: a standup collar.
2. Taken, done, or used while standing: a standup supper; a standup bar.
3. Of or designating a performer who stands alone on a stage, as in a nightclub, and delivers a comic monologue.
4. Slang Courageous and steadfast: a standup guy.
Standup comedy.
References in classic literature ?
His father killed a man in a standup fight with a blow of his fist when he was sixty years old.
com)-- So Fetch, a web and mobile app company, released Standup Bot as a Slack integration today.
Walter had begun to do standup at various New York comedy clubs.
The flexible packaging world is again taking notice (of the standup pouch.
The timeless truth of this century-old sentiment is confirmed daily by correspondence StandUp Gardens founder Paul Harris receives from his customers.
Photo: (1--2--Color) Construction has begun on Six Flags Magic Mountain's new standup roller coaster The Riddler's Revenge.
Harlem StandUp plans to open the facility in November 1992.
Meanwhile, her standup shows and recordings have evolved to include extended jazz sets, with DeLaria as bebop vocalist.
Other food and beverage products - such as gourmet coffees, popcorn, granola cereals, toppings and shelf-stable evaporated milk - also have made successful transitions to standup pouch packaging.