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n. pl. stapes or sta·pe·des (stā′pĭ-dēz′)
The innermost of the three small bones of the middle ear, shaped somewhat like a stirrup. Also called stirrup.

[New Latin stapēs, stapēd-, from Medieval Latin, stirrup, perhaps alteration (influenced by Latin stāre, to stand, and pēs, ped-, foot) of staffa, stapha, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English stæpe, stepe, step.]

sta·pe′di·al (stā-pē′dē-əl) adj.
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A laser was used to dissect the tumor off the stapes, and a near-total resection was achieved, leaving behind only a small fragment within the stapedial arch.
Other methods are so designed to record changes that occur in the efferent part of the reflex arc, which are related to facial nerve nuclei, facial nerve trunk and stapedial nerve.
The speech discrimination score was 46% and stapedial reflexes were absent.
Electrophysiological Evaluation of the Auditory Nerve in Normal Hearing Patients with Absence of Stapedial Reflex.
X-linked mixed deafness with congenital fixation of the stapedial footplate and perilymphatic gusher.
The common causes are vascular disorders (like severe anaemia, thyrotoxicosis, or pregnancy causing venous hum, AV malformations, aneurysms, aberrant vessels as in persistent stapedial artery and dehiscent jugular bulb, vascular tumours such as glomus tumours, hypertension), neuromuscular disorders (like palatal myoclonus, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, spasm of stapedius, or tensor tympani), miscellaneous (patulous Eustachian tube, local inflammation), etc.
4) One of them has been suggested by Poswillo, who claims that the cause would be a vascular disruption causing bleeding during embryologic formation of the stapedial artery, accompanied with alterations in the development of the first and the second branchial arches.
Vascular disruption of Stapedial artery, which supplies the first pharyngeal arch, may be responsible for this defect.
For example, a study validating the involvement of the stapedial artery as the impetus that causes facial malformations characterized as hemifacial microsomia would have already been previously presented due to the number of reports published by Poswillo's group in the sixties and seventies that discussed the same theory.
Among their topics are the anatomy and physiology of the outer and middle ear, physical principles of aural acoustic immittance, acoustic stapedial reflex, middle ear measurement in infants and children, and middle ear disorders and case examples.
Conductive deafness due to stapedial abnormalities, associated with external ear malformations and congenital facial palsy (Sellars syndrome), is inherited as an AD disorder in a Cape Town family of Indian stock.