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v. stared, star·ing, stares
To look directly, fixedly, or vacantly, often with a wide-eyed gaze. See Synonyms at gaze.
To look at directly and fixedly: stared him in the eyes.
An intent gaze.
Phrasal Verb:
stare down
1. To stare at (a person or animal) until that person or animal blinks or turns away.
2. To confront boldly or overcome by direct action: stared down his opponents.
stare in the face
1. To be plainly visible or obvious to (one); force itself on (one's) attention: The money on the table was staring her in the face.
2. To be obvious to (one) though initially overlooked: The explanation had been staring him in the face all along.
3. To be imminent or unavoidable to (one): Bankruptcy now stares us in the face.
4. To be about to experience or undergo (something dire): We are staring bankruptcy in the face.

[Middle English staren, from Old English starian; see ster- in Indo-European roots.]

star′er n.
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Noun1.starer - a viewer who gazes fixedly (often with hostility)
looker, spectator, viewer, watcher, witness - a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind); "the spectators applauded the performance"; "television viewers"; "sky watchers discovered a new star"


nGaffer(in) m(f) (inf)
References in classic literature ?
Expecially Mr Venus: who removes his pipe, draws back his head, and stares at the starer, as if it were his own Hindoo baby come to fetch him home.
This had been so very noticeable, so very powerfully and naturally shown, that starers who had had no pity for him were touched by her; and the whisper went about, "Who are they?
The mean effect was somewhat larger when Sehlitz was greeter rather than Wiseman, and when Wiseman was starer rather than Sehlitz, but none of the effects deviated meaningfully from chance.
Most of the Boston Classicists (Paine, Foote, Parker, Chadwick), works of Copland and Thomson, the American mystic Alan Hovhaness, Howard Hanson, Leo Sowerby, and two prominent Jewish composers, Samuel Adler and Robert Starer, along with numerous others, were sadly neglected by choirs.
Even in the numerous stories in Curtain that do not allude explicitly to the freak show, staring at the peculiar and seemingly deviant Other frequently enables the starer (albeit briefly) to feel reassured that he or she is an unexceptional, ordinary member of the community.
His legacy would have faded to a shadow in war poetry anthologies but for the efforts of Jacqueline Starer, his companion between 1963 and 1969.
Generally labeled a Southern writer because of her North Carolina childhood and the settings for most of her books, Godwin has actually spent most of her adult life in the North--in Woodstock, New York, at a home she shared with the composer Robert Starer until his death in 2001.
The activists of International Sikh Organisation ( ISO) on Friday removed the posters of Sunny Deol- starer movie in Amritsar.
In Example 5, this concept is shown in a piece by Robert Starer entitled Black and White, which places the bitonality directly in the key signature.
SOURCE TARGET Starer [arrow right left] Causer of motion Staree [arrow right left] Moving patient Staring [arrow right left] Destination of motion
Knower of tides, counter of hours, wanings and waxings, enumerator of snowflakes, starer through thin ice, whose corpuscles are minnows, whose drink, sand.