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[Alteration by folk etymology from obsolete start-naked, naked to the tail, from Middle English stert-naked : stert, tail; see redstart + naked, naked; see naked.]


completely naked. Informal word: starkers (postpositive)
[C13 stert naket, literally: tail naked; stert, from Old English steort tail; related to Old Norse stertr tail + naked]
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The stark-naked woman then casually walked through the crowd at the bus stop.
On his screen was a stark-naked woman in a revoltingly revealing pose.
The 25-year-old confessed to answering nature's call stark-naked, in front of a room-full of strangers.
One of her favourite stories is about the time a player faced up to her, stark-naked from the shower, and sneered: 'I can see your t*** from here.
Don't pictures of comely, often scantily clad, even stark-naked young men form a large part of Pierson's photographic corpus?
BLUSHING bridegroom Steve McMenamin was left stark-naked in a cornfield when his mates played a stag night prank.
I woke to find several stark-naked people staring down at me.
Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy is boldly going where no businessman has gone before - selling photos of stark-naked women on the Internet.
Ozzy, 55, woke up when he heard a window being forced and ran stark-naked from his bedroom to confront one of the intruders.
But she couldn't help but smile as Ray arrived stark-naked on her doorstep sporting two bouquets of red roses which he laid in the shape of a heart on the lawn.