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[Alteration by folk etymology from obsolete start-naked, naked to the tail, from Middle English stert-naked : stert, tail; see redstart + naked, naked; see naked.]


completely naked. Informal word: starkers (postpositive)
[C13 stert naket, literally: tail naked; stert, from Old English steort tail; related to Old Norse stertr tail + naked]
References in classic literature ?
Occasionally we saw stark-naked men of superb build, bathing, and making no attempt at concealment.
Jonathan Walsh, 25 of no fixed address, has been jailed for 20 months for outraging public decency and breach of sexual offences prevention order after a tram worker alerted police when she saw stark-naked Walsh crouched behind a shelter.
The stark-naked woman then casually walked through the crowd at the bus stop.
On his screen was a stark-naked woman in a revoltingly revealing pose.
The 25-year-old confessed to answering nature's call stark-naked, in front of a room-full of strangers.
One of her favourite stories is about the time a player faced up to her, stark-naked from the shower, and sneered: 'I can see your t*** from here.