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adj. stark·er, stark·est
1. Clearly distinguished or delineated: a stark contrast.
a. Bare, desolate, or unadorned: an apartment with stark white walls; the stark beauty of the desert landscape.
b. Severe or unmitigated; harsh or grim: "[They] found it hard to accept such a stark portrait of unrelieved failure" (W. Bruce Lincoln).
3. Complete or utter; extreme: stark disbelief.
Utterly; entirely: stark raving mad.

[Middle English, stiff, severe, strong, from Old English stearc; see ster- in Indo-European roots.]

stark′ly adv.
stark′ness n.
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Noun1.starkness - the quality of being complete or utter or extreme; "the starkness of his contrast between justice and fairness was open to many objections"
limit, bound, boundary - the greatest possible degree of something; "what he did was beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior"; "to the limit of his ability"
2.starkness - an extreme lack of furnishings or ornamentationstarkness - an extreme lack of furnishings or ornamentation; "I was struck by the starkness of my father's room"
plainness - the appearance of being plain and unpretentious


[ˈstɑːknɪs] N
1. (= austerity) [of landscape, desert] → lo inhóspito; [of conditions] → severidad f; [of simplicity, contrast, décor, outline] → austeridad f; [of colour, beauty] → sobriedad f; [of description] → lo escueto, lo sucinto
2. (= harshness) [of reality, poverty] → crudeza f; [of choice, warning, reminder] → lo duro


n (of clothing)Schlichtheit f; (of colour)Eintönigkeit f; (glaring) → Grellheit f; (of truth, contrast)Härte f, → Krassheit f; (of landscape)Nacktheit f, → Kahlheit f
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His stylistic range is certainly wondrous, straddling the starkness of "Starlight" and the hysterical realism of "Doppelganger, Poltergeist.
The attached video filled 60 seconds with the starkness of French new wave cinema, the statement of early MTV, and the severity of a de Sade novela.
The experiences of LGBT people are rendered in heartbreaking starkness, and though there are obvious clashes between Concord and his parents, as well as between characters in Mama Zepp's stories, almost no one is painted in broad strokes.
The bleakness and starkness of Spaghetti Junction will get some worldwide limelight when the film hits the big screen in 2018.
The Hurriyet leaders said, "The brazenness and starkness of India's aggressive colonial approach towards the people of Kashmir becomes more and more evident by the day.
Some retain the traditional starkness of fairy tales.
However, the very starkness of the novel is another point in its favor.
Another added, "We like the black and white starkness of our flowers as a symbol of peace and balance of harmony.
They may call it a Barcelona chair, but this lovely design has all the starkness of Scandinavian minimalism which was so popular in the Fifties.
Indeed, its very starkness glows as a kind of purity that the Madonna stands for.
It shows the crime from different angles and in a more thought-provoking manner than it would come across in the starkness of a courtroom.
THERE'S a time for thinking, remembering and wishing, A time for longing, regretting and simply forgetting, And as you wake, yawn, and fumble with the blinds, The image fade, as dreams become shadowy signs, You start your day, cope with the problems of work, And as it wanes you yawn again, there's no more talk, Reaching your street, behind your door is darkness, Turn the key, lights and music relieves the starkness, TV, newspaper, magazine, hi-fi as company, You eat, and as midnight calls you have your bevy, Struggling to sleep while the mind is reminiscing, The time we had for ourselves, sadly now is missing, There's a time, there always is that hurts, won't go away, That time was mine.