start off

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start off

vb (adverb)
1. (intr) to set out on a journey
2. to be or make the first step in an activity; initiate: he started the show off with a lively song.
3. (tr) to cause (a person) to act or do something, such as to laugh, to tell stories, etc
يَبْدَأيَبدأ الرِّحْلَهيَسْمح لَه أن يَبْدأ
umožnit začítvydat se na cestuzahájit
begyndekomme afsted
koma á fótleggja af staî
umožniť začať
yola çıkmakbaşla mak
bắt đầu

w>start off

vi (= begin)anfangen; (= begin moving: person) → losgehen; (on journey) → aufbrechen; (= run)loslaufen; (= drive)losfahren; (esp Sport) → starten; (= begin talking etc)anfangen, loslegen (inf)(on mit); to start off with = start2 VI
vt sep sthanfangen; to start somebody off (talking)jdm das Stichwort geben; to start the baby off (crying)das Baby zum Schreien bringen; whatever you do, don’t start her offsieh bloß zu, dass sie nicht damit anfängt; that started the dog off (barking)da fing der Hund an zu bellen; to start somebody off on somethingjdn auf etw (acc)bringen; a few stamps to start you offein paar Briefmarken für den Anfang; I’ll play a few bars to start you offich spiele ein paar Takte, um Sie einzustimmen


(staː) verb
1. to leave or begin a journey. We shall have to start at 5.30 a.m. in order to get to the boat in time.
2. to begin. He starts working at six o'clock every morning; She started to cry; She starts her new job next week; Haven't you started (on) your meal yet?; What time does the play start?
3. to (cause an engine etc to) begin to work. I can't start the car; The car won't start; The clock stopped but I started it again.
4. to cause something to begin or begin happening etc. One of the students decided to start a college magazine.
1. the beginning of an activity, journey, race etc. I told him at the start that his idea would not succeed; The runners lined up at the start; He stayed in the lead after a good start; I shall have to make a start on that work.
2. in a race etc, the advantage of beginning before or further forward than others, or the amount of time, distance etc gained through this. The youngest child in the race got a start of five metres; The driver of the stolen car already had twenty minutes' start before the police began the pursuit.
ˈstarter noun
1. a person, horse etc that actually runs etc in a race.
2. a person who gives the signal for the race to start.
3. a device in a car etc for starting the engine.
ˈstarting-point noun
the point from which something begins.
for a start
(used in argument etc) in the first place, or as the first point in an argument. You can't have a new bicycle because for a start we can't afford one.
get off to a good/bad start
to start well or badly in a race, business etc.
start off
1. to begin a journey. It's time we started off.
2. to cause or allow something to begin, someone to start doing something etc. The money lent to him by his father started him off as a bookseller.
start out
to begin a journey; to start off. We shall have to start out at dawn.
start up
to (cause to) begin or begin working etc. The machine suddenly started up; He has started up a new boys' club.
to start with
1. at the beginning. He was very nervous to start with.
2. as the first point (in an argument etc). There are many reasons why he shouldn't get the job. To start with, he isn't qualified.

start off

يَبْدَأ zahájit begynde anfangen εκκινώ arrancar aloittaa commencer par započeti partire 旅立つ 시작하다 op weg gaan gå igang zacząć się iniciar начинать börja เริ่มต้น yola çıkmak bắt đầu 首先做某事
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How can a person start off from Grand Isle to Mexico at a moment's notice, as if he were going over to Klein's or to the wharf or down to the beach?
Certainly,' cried little Hans, 'I take it quite as a compliment your coming to me, and I will start off at once.
It means a great deal, I think, to start off on a foundation which one has made for one's self.
I had been too much occupied with the dangers of the descent to glance down toward the valley; but that cry which told me that it was indeed Lys, and that she was again in danger, brought my eyes quickly upon her in time to see a hairy, burly brute seize her and start off at a run toward the near-by wood.
And as soon as he had been home and done what was necessary there to prepare for his further absence, he would start off to Ireland: if he found no trace of Hetty on the road, he would go straight to Arthur Donnithorne and make himself certain how far he was acquainted with her movements.
He had told Seth to go to the Chase and leave a message for the squire, saying that Adam Bede had been obliged to start off suddenly on a journey--and to say as much, and no more, to any one else who made inquiries about him.
Here the two rival companies had their encampments, with their retainers of all kinds: traders, trappers, hunters, and half-breeds, assembled from all quarters, awaiting their yearly supplies, and their orders to start off in new directions.
We're running away from cities, and you have no kith nor kin, so it don't seem exactly right that we should start off by getting married in a city.
Then we will start off to examine some farms on the other side of London that I have heard of," he said, "and by March or April we will pay a visit to my father and mother.
Have no fears on that score, I will reestablish the equilibrium, and should our poor Joe return we shall find a way to start off with him again on our old route.
The new route, named (F48), will start off Danube Metro Station at Jebel Ali and pass through Jebel Ali Industrial Area, Dubai Investment Park (1), Green Community and Dunes Villa complex at the Dubai Investment Park (2).
As for bilateral relations with Japan, it is always important for the two sides to start off on the right foot, including the issue of textbooks," Yun was quoted as saying.