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Noun1.starting motor - an electric motor for starting an engine
electrical system - equipment in a motor vehicle that provides electricity to start the engine and ignite the fuel and operate the lights and windshield wiper and heater and air conditioner and radio
electric motor - a motor that converts electricity to mechanical work
kick start, kick starter - a starter (as on a motorcycle) that is activated with the foot and the weight of the body
self-starter - an electric starting motor that automatically starts an internal-combustion engine
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Following Itemes (1) Lvcas Starting Motor, 12Volts (Commander Jeep 650Di) (2)M&M Commander Jeep An01-B-8999
The tests simulated SLS launch sequences both in preflight checks and in an ascent profile by verifying communication between ground and flight systems, starting motor ignition and moving the TVC system.
Last year's winners had to sit it out for a long 30 minutes as mechanics changed the battery, starting motor and electronic dash in an effort to trace the fault, robbing them of any chance of victory.
THE STARTING motor of Baldwin's car was working properly, a vehicle examiner told the court.
The generator, which will double as a starting motor, will provide power for electric motors driving accessories that currently are mechanically powered by the engine, via belts or gears.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Following Spare Parts 1) Lvcas Starting Motor, 12Volts (Commander Jeep 650Di) 2) M&M Commander Jeep An01-B-8999
Baldwin had claimed that there had been a problem with the starting motor on the car, but when police examined it they could find no sign of a fault.
80, a new gearbox pounds 1054, an alternator pounds 288 and a starting motor pounds 227.
Tenders are invited for Bush For Nose Housing For Starting Motor Delco 95201096X Remy P/N 1894635 Or Similar
Nasdaq:ACPW), of Austin, a developer and manufacturer of battery-free power quality solutions, today announced two complementary products: GenSTART System, a new innovative battery-free starting system that increases starting reliability of up to 8MW of multiple standby engine generator systems, and GenSTART Module that supplies 1725 cold-cranking amps to the generator set starting motor.
Tenders are invited for Self Starters Starting Motor 42 Mt Part No- 95202514/10478998 For 500Kva D.