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Noun1.state boundary - the boundary between two states
border, borderline, boundary line, delimitation, mete - a line that indicates a boundary
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As soon as Tarzan regained his senses and it was found that he was not seriously injured, the prisoners were hastened into line and the return march toward the Congo Free State boundary commenced.
The tri inter- state boundary in at the very southern edge is also not well defined and demarcated on the ground,"said Manoj Misra of YJA.
Just because an individual or a family crosses one state boundary to another doesn't mean they are immune to crime.
That means that if you take any two points in the district and connect them by a line, the entire line must be in the district, as well, unless the line crosses a state boundary, a river at least 100 feet wide, an elevation change of 2,000 feet or more, or the boundary of a city with population of at least 100,000.
Tuesday's quake - the epicentre was in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, near the Oaxaca state boundary - caused no deaths, but injured 11 people and damaged hundreds of buildings.
It was built only after the collectors of Nanded and Nizamabad clearly demarcated the state boundary on the basis of Survey of India's report", he said.
Other topics explored include ambient air temperature interpolation in inhomogeneous regions, parameterizing inclined state boundary layers, new trends in phonological modeling, and turbulent scalar transfer modeling in reacting flows.
The redrawing of state boundary lines in an arrangement
The ROW within the Akwa Ibom state boundary is about 80 km out of a total of 128 km for the project.
Addressing a parliamentary commission investigating the war on Friday, he said: "We learned that Russian troops were moving through the Roki tunnel and had crossed the Georgian state boundary.
Straddling the Franco-Spanish state boundary we have both the Catalan nation (in the south-east) and the Basque nation (in the north-west).
The intent is to delineate the source of each state line component, codify them as natural or otherwise, provide how early each state boundary was a real boundary before the state was officially admitted to the union, and include references for further study.

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