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1. Of or in the continental United States.
2. Alaska Of or in the 48 contiguous states of the United States.
1. To, toward, or in the continental United States.
2. Alaska To, toward, or in the 48 contiguous states of the United States.


adj, adv
of, in, to, or towards the US


or State•side


1. being in or toward the continental U.S.
2. in or toward the continental U.S.


[ˈsteɪtsaɪd] ADV (esp US) [be] → en Estados Unidos; [go] → a Estados Unidos, hacia Estados Unidos
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Since 2017, Stateside Industrial Solutions has been a manufacturer's representative and authorized distributor of pneumatics, controls, instrumentation, valves and many other related product and has been providing customers with effective solutions to the most challenging of industrial applications.
KEVIN CHAPPELL has a solid record in Stateside Majors, has proven himself at Quail Hollow in the Wells Fargo Championship and has found some excellent form in the build-up to the USPGA, so it would be a shock if the Californian failed to get his name on the leaderboard this week.
Johnson & Johnson announced the acquisition of Illinois-based Stateside Underwriting Agency Inc for an undisclosed amount.
Robert Elstone had no time for sight-seeing on his final day Stateside.
5 million residing stateside in 2011, comprising 64.
5% dip domestically, signaling perhaps one of this year's best Stateside multiples based on opening weekend for a wide release.
Notwithstanding the importance of examining similarities and discerning trends among all Latina/os, the Center for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro) at Hunter College was prompted to look deeper into the gaps in our current knowledge and understanding of the social condition of stateside Puerto Ricans, cognizant of what such a void means for public policymakers and a broad range of stakeholders, including community-based organizations, community activists and advocates and foundations that rely on accurate information about societal problems.
The Girls Aloud beauty, 30, is going Stateside to combine work with play.
The poems of Jehanne Dubrow's Stateside ring with tension, echoed in modern, clear words paired with time-honored forms.
STATESIDE HIT J The Wanted Right Michelle STATESIDE HIT J The Wanted.
Summary: The Wanted might have hit it stateside, but it seems they have missed home turf.