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a. Having no motion; being at rest; quiescent.
b. Fixed; stationary.
2. Physics Of or relating to bodies at rest or forces that balance each other.
3. Electricity Of, relating to, or producing stationary charges; electrostatic.
1. Interference or noise, such as crackling in a receiver, produced when static or atmospheric electricity disturbs signal reception.
2. Informal
a. Back talk.
b. Interference; obstruction.
c. Angry or heated criticism.

[New Latin staticus, relating to weight, from Greek statikos, causing to stand, from statos, standing; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

stat′i·cal adj.
stat′i·cal·ly adv.
References in classic literature ?
He also grew bold and reaching out his hand stroked the face of the woman on the floor so that she was ec- statically happy.
Gain statically substandard purlins and safeguarding them from buckling.
0, Gigabit Ethernet, DVI, and other high-speed data protocols has created a greater need for protection from cable discharge events (CDE) -- the insertion of a statically charged connector -- that can cause a system failure.
Note : A Impeller Should Be Statically And Dynamically Balanced.
Flexible signal paths that allow a designer to choose one scene view sensor across a range of vehicle models, whether for a basic reversing camera in a low end model, or a high end system where content is statically or dynamically overlaid onto a car's video signal display.
Description: The main objective of CONFIDENT is to develop and evaluate tools and technology for describing, inferring, and statically verifying component communication contracts for effective construction and evolution of complex distributed systems, notably JavaScript
Two foreign, tank-fired High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) threats were killed at speed, in addition to one fragmentation round and three HEAT rounds defeated statically.
The performance includes the upgrade of the inventory lighting to LED retrofit, installation of surge arresters, renovation Emergency lighting Central, cable identification and dismantling of old cables, refurbishment and reinstallation of bottom tanks, laying one statically loadable floor trunking system with special designs of Kabelzugdosen, construction of a light blanket with mechanical lifting device of the individual modules (1 , 3 mx 1.
The PERC ROMizer(TM) tool offers a customized PERC executable with statically linked and AOT-compiled libraries for XML parsing and other core functions used by the QNX Momentics IDE.
The batteries are charged seamlessly during passenger service via the pantograph, statically at tram stops, and dynamically during acceleration.
Using the ORiNOCO Mesh Creation Protocol (OMCP), the AP-4900 may be deployed in vehicles to allow continuous communication with AP-4900Ms statically mounted in locations throughout a coverage area.
Bestandbau Manufacture statically relevant breakthroughs into inventory.