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Noun1.station agent - the person in charge of a railway station
master - directs the work of others
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His thoughts were broken in upon by the station agent who entered asking if there was a gentleman by the name of Tarzan in the party.
Traveling southbound on train: Exit the train at West End Station, then ask the MARTA Station Agent to request a shuttle van to take you to Oakland City Station.
BAFTA Award for original screenplay and Independent Spirit Award for best first screenplay for "The Station Agent," Oscar nom for original screenplay for "Up" Filmography:
Her other film credits have included The Station Agent, Synecdoche, New York, Shutter Island, Take This Waltz and Oz the Great and Powerful.
Interesting characters who exemplify the Native literary conventions include Odysseus Walker Young, a peddler, admired by Native Americans for his honesty, who exuberantly displays a trickster's skills; Misaabe, who practices natural medicine and travels with a pack of healing dogs; and Foamy, the none-too-bright station agent who hates the inhabitants of the White Earth Reservation and their customs.
He carried the form with him and when he wished to return he was required to have an affidavit completed on the form by a farmer that he had worked for, and upon presentation of this form to a station agent he was given a return ticket for $18.
They were coming out with a new map because they were changing the price," MTA station agent and union leader Paul Flores said.
Tom McCarthy delighted audiences at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival with his directorial debut, The Station Agent, a brilliantly observed and witty portrait of small town life that won numerous awards including a BAFTA.
COMPLEX Disappointing because it's a film from Tom McCarthy, the man who gave us The Station Agent and The Visitor.
Tom McCarthy's directorial debut The Station Agent, a brilliantly observed and witty portrait of small town life, won a BAFTA and his eagerly anticipated follow-up, The Visitor, courted more acclaim and trophies.
Not Tom McCarthy, who delighted audiences with his award-winning directorial debut, The Station Agent, and his eagerly anticipated follow-up The Visitor.
The board directed BART to use $1 million for rainy-day reserves, bringing total reserves to $25 million; $750,000 to replace seats and deep-clean 50 rail cars; $150,000 to bolster emergency operations and BART Police facilities; and $100,000 to improve station agent customer service.