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staunch 1

 (stônch, stänch) also stanch (stônch, stänch, stănch)
adj. staunch·er, staunch·est also stanch·er or stanch·est
1. Firm and steadfast; loyal or true. See Synonyms at faithful.
2. Having a strong or substantial construction or constitution: "the staunch turrets of the fortified city walls" (Robert Rosenberg).

[Middle English staunche, from Anglo-Norman estaunche, from estaunchier, to stanch, variant of Old French estanchier; see stanch1.]

staunch′ly adv.
staunch′ness n.
Usage Note: Staunch is more common than stanch as the spelling of the adjective. Stanch is more common than staunch as the spelling of the verb.

staunch 2

 (stônch, stänch)
Variant of stanch1.
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Noun1.staunchness - loyalty in the face of trouble and difficulty
loyalty, trueness - the quality of being loyal
وَفاء، إخْلاص
hollusta, tryggî


[ˈstɔːntʃnɪs] Nlealtad f, firmeza f


n (of Catholic, loyalist)Überzeugtheit f; (of member, supporter)Treue f; (of support)Unerschütterlichkeit f


(stoːntʃ) adjective
firm, trusty. a staunch friend.
ˈstaunchly adverb
ˈstaunchness noun
References in classic literature ?
It appeared he had "served his time" in the copper-ore trade, the famous copper-ore trade of old days between Swansea and the Chilian coast, coal out and ore in, deep-loaded both ways, as if in wanton defiance of the great Cape Horn seas - a work, this, for staunch ships, and a great school of staunchness for West- Country seamen.
These include the seemingly weightless motion of a slender dog across the landscape, head and tail held high, and the frozen staunchness of a point that will end only in a flush or starvation.
Like when Ottlik's hero, BB reflects on the dilemma whether he will have enough courage and staunchness to stay beside his terminally ill wife.
Today, when so many are being banned--and subject to violence the world over--the most powerful thing a body can do might be to declare its opacity, its staunchness, its substance.
The staunchness of the delegates and members has been outstanding and really great for them," she said.
He has left a legacy of staunchness and bravery, which we know shall be emulated by our young lawyers and public servants, he added.
Their casualties were high, but they showed splendid staunchness and fought like heroes.
These start with the political failure at the outset to define any clear vision of success (other than to impress the all-important American leadership with the staunchness and competence of their British ally).
This bravery and staunchness contrasts with a similar moment in which the reality of Nicholas' experiences in battle failed to live up to the glorious fictions of traditional war narratives.