stay away

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Verb1.stay away - stay clear of, avoid; "Keep your hands off my wife!"; "Keep your distance from this man--he is dangerous"
be - occupy a certain position or area; be somewhere; "Where is my umbrella?" "The toolshed is in the back"; "What is behind this behavior?"

w>stay away

vi (→ von) → wegbleiben; (from person) → sich fernhalten; to stay away from a girlvon einem Mädchen die Finger lassen; he can’t stay away from the pub (esp Brit) → ihn zieht es immer wieder in die Kneipe (inf)
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She was bidden to stay away from Alice Robinson's birthday party, and doomed to wear her dress, stained and streaked as it was, until it was worn out.
Her eyes said: "You see why Mamma brought me," and his answered: "I would not for the world have had you stay away.
Poyser considered that on the whole it would be as well for him to stay away too and "keep her company.
I must have some good, quiet soul that will let me just do what I like and go where I like, keep at home or stay away, without a word of reproach or complaint; for I can't do with being bothered.
I meant that I was going to stay away forever," said Newman kindly.
They had come first, they said, out of idle curiosity, because everybody talked about it; they had come since because they could not help it, and they should keep on coming, while they lived, for the same reason; they had tried to break their chains and stay away, but it was futile; now, they had no desire to break them.
It was what I remotely dreaded when I was first impelled to stay away from England.
He has warned him to stay away from his daughter after everything that transpired between them.
GREATER Glasgow and Clyde health board yesterday urged hospital visitors to stay away if they have a cold or flu.
Global Banking News-December 19, 2017--Danish central bank asks investors to stay away from bitcoin
REFUSING to share details on his further move, Navjot Singh Sidhu took on the BJP saying that he resigned as a Rajya Sabha MP because he had been asked to stay away from Punjab, where elections will be held next year.
If you see a downed wire, stay away and call the Atlantic City Electric emergency outage number, 1-800-833-7476.