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Verb1.stay fresh - fail to spoil or rot; "These potatoes keep for a long time"
remain, stay, rest - stay the same; remain in a certain state; "The dress remained wet after repeated attempts to dry it"; "rest assured"; "stay alone"; "He remained unmoved by her tears"; "The bad weather continued for another week"
preserve, keep - prevent (food) from rotting; "preserved meats"; "keep potatoes fresh"
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He would stock up on his favorite beers, and their special growler refill system meant the unopened growlers could stay fresh for months.
Stock up on these essentials in your kitchen to stay fresh.
Milk and related products packed in ice will stay fresh for 6 to 8 hours of travel.
However, one of the show's strengths that has enabled it to stay popular after five series is its ability to stay fresh and find new pundits to take to our hearts.
The Complete Care line includes the Vaginal Health Test, Probiotics plus Antioxidants and Stay Fresh Feminine Freshness Gel.
The next day sees soul spinner and man about town Mark Robb DJing with Jamie Miller before club night from 10pm with Joshua from Stay Fresh and myself.
Life sciences company Quick-Med Technologies (Other OTC:QMDT) reported on Friday that it has entered into a license agreement for its newest antimicrobial platform, the Stay Fresh technology, for use in traditional wound care products for both retail and institutional sale in the North American market.
When you get older, you have to protect yourself and stay fresh in both the body and the mind.
Stay fresh and fashionable with Nayomi's invigorating Spring 2014 collection.
A show like this needs to stay fresh and exciting so it's a great opportunity for someone to come in and take the show past its incredible 10-year anniversary.
Francis' child-like yet powerful vocals owe a debt to CocoRosie while Reid's production recalls the likes of the Neptunes and Timbaland but has enough off-kilter flourishes and interesting sounds to stay fresh.
Unite/CPHVA Professional Officer, Jane Beach, said: 'A review of the report is a great way to hold organisations to account and ensure the issues raised in the report stay fresh and relevant.