stay in

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يَبْقى في البَيْتيَـمْكُثُ
zůstat doma
blive hjemme
jäädä johonkin
ostati doma
benn marad
halda sig heimaviî
집에 있다
zostať doma
stanna hemma
evde oturmakkalmak
không ra ngoài

w>stay in

vi (at home) → zu Hause bleiben; (in position, in book etc) → drinbleiben; (Sch) → nachsitzen; he had to stay in as a punishment (at home) → er kriegte zur Strafe Stubenarrest or Hausarrest


(stei) verb
1. to remain (in a place) for a time, eg while travelling, or as a guest etc. We stayed three nights at that hotel / with a friend / in Paris; Aunt Mary is coming to stay (for a fortnight); Would you like to stay for supper?; Stay and watch that television programme.
2. to remain (in a particular position, place, state or condition). The doctor told her to stay in bed; He never stays long in any job; Stay away from the office till your cold is better; Why won't these socks stay up?; Stay where you are – don't move!; In 1900, people didn't realize that motor cars were here to stay.
a period of staying (in a place etc). We had an overnight stay / a two days' stay in London.
stay behind
to remain in a place after others have left it. They all left the office at five o'clock, but he stayed behind to finish some work.
stay in
to remain in one's house etc and not go out of doors. I'm staying in tonight to watch television.
stay out
to remain out of doors and not return to one's house etc. The children mustn't stay out after 9 p.m.
stay put
to remain where placed. Once a child can crawl, he won't stay put for long.
stay up
not to go to bed. The children wanted to stay up and watch television.

stay in

يَـمْكُثُ zůstat doma blive hjemme zu Hause bleiben μένω σπίτι quedarse en casa jäädä johonkin rester chez soi ostati doma restare a casa 家にいる 집에 있다 binnenblijven holde seg hjemme pozostać w ficar em casa оставаться дома stanna hemma อยู่ในบ้าน kalmak không ra ngoài 在家
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There is a little room there,' said the Princess, 'and if I could get a man to stay in it from ten o'clock till midnight for three nights on end I should be freed from the spell.
I took counsel to kill him, but some god stayed my rashness and bade me think on men's evil tongues and how I should be branded as the murderer of my father; nevertheless I could not bear to stay in my father's house with him so bitter a against me.
The Thorpes spent the last evening of Catherine's stay in Pulteney Street, and nothing passed between the lovers to excite her uneasiness, or make her quit them in apprehension.
Of course we'll have to stay in the cabin," she said to Uncle Henry and the other passengers, "and keep as quiet as possible until the storm is over.