steam off

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w>steam off

vt sep stamp, labelüber Dampf ablösen; excess flabsich (dat)abschwitzen
viabfahren; (train also)losdampfen
References in classic literature ?
And when you get home for a quiet fortnight, you turn the steam off, and lie on your backs in the paternal garden, surrounded by the last batch of books from Mudie's library, and half bored to death.
The easier way to let some steam off the economy is to allow a 'modest' and 'manageable' depreciation of the peso.
Severe drought in the first half of the year, a slowdown in credit growth arising from last year's capping of the lending rate and a prolonged political season had taken steam off economic activity forcing it to lower the growth forecast to 4.
I wonder if the town's Tory councillor Dominic Peacock, who wrote on Facebook shortly after Jo's murder that he'd "just donated the steam off my p***" to the appeal in her name, will heed the call and take part?
Some projects of note are the 5-year Off-Plot Delivery Contract (ODC), Qarn Alam Steam Off Plot EPC Facilities, Kauther Gas Plant & Associated Facilities, the LNG Upstream Central Processing Unit and the Harweel Cluster EPC Phases - 2A & 2B Facilities, which required erection of 8500 tons of equipment & 8000 tons of structural steel, pouring of 38000 cubic meters of concrete, 210,000 inch dia.
A TORY councillor was hit with a furious backlash yesterday after he said he had "just donated the steam off my piss" in memory of Jo Cox.
A much better solution is to steam off the dirt and marks with a good steam cleaner (see our Product of the Week).
Entrants aim to fly as far as possible under their own steam off a special ramp constructed on the pier at the seaside town.
Commending minister Shehayyeb's blueprint for garbage-disposal as being the sole feasible plan capable of making progress in the field, Abou-Faour added that the convening of the cabinet in session is liable to take steam off the angry street.
You can also use a wallpaper stripper to steam off Artex from a ceiling, although, again, the plaster underneath may be damaged.