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Noun1.steamship line - a line responsible for the operation of a fleet of steamshipssteamship line - a line responsible for the operation of a fleet of steamships
line - a commercial organization serving as a common carrier
fleet - a group of steamships operating together under the same ownership
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The first steamship line to take notice of the telephone was the Clyde, which had a wire from dock to office in 1877; and the first railway was the Pennsylvania, which two years later was persuaded by Professor Bell himself to give it a trial in Altoona.
And all of them are thralls by virtue of the fact that the trusts already own or control (which is the same thing only better)--own and control all the means of marketing the crops, such as cold storage, railroads, elevators, and steamship lines.
Bankruptcy of steamship lines--despite the shipper's pre-paid freight to the steamship line, coffee is stranded adrift or moored outside port and additional freight charges are necessary to forward the container to original destination on a different carrier.
On July 1, 2016, an amendment to the International Maritime Organization's Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention will go into effect requiring all shippers (importers and exporters) to certify and submit the verified gross mass (VGM)--the combined weight of the cargo and the container--to the steamship line and terminal operator in advance of loading the container aboard a vessel.
Upon graduation he applied and received a berth with the Grace Steamship Line on its South American run.
As one of che steamship line executives noted at the Forum, if business drops to a certain point, it will no longer be attractive for firms to maintain ships under a US flag.
As Colin Grant writes in his biography of Garvey, Negro With a Hat, not only would the steamship line "operate between American ports and those of Africa, the West Indies, and Central and South America," but to devoted Garveyites the Black Star would also be the mechanism through which "a latter-day Moses .
The Gota Canal Steamship Line operates three ships.
ACT's bi-weekly departures carry both break-bulk and standard containerized cargo-offering a cost-effective alternative to the faster, more frequent steamship line service.
Operational characteristics of the stack train allow a steamship line to offer more effective, efficient door-to-door services.
Previously employed by South Seas Steamship Line as New Zealand general manager, he joined Columbus Line in 1998 as national operations manager.
There's a lot more to this step than calling a steamship line and asking it to move a container.