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n.1.(Mining) A crossbar of wood in a shaft, serving as a step.
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Stemple and Meyer (2014) make the case that gender bias in the understanding and definition of rape and sexual assault leads to a significant underestimate in the number of male victims whose perpetrators are women and whose sexual assault involves being forced to engage in sexual intercourse.
The author discusses the protocol for vocal exercise developed by speech language pathologist Joseph Stemple.
Sharon Stemple Hinchman, RDH, MSDH; Amy Funk, BSDH, MSDH; Christina DeBiase, BSDH, EdD; Cathryn Frere, BSDH, MSEd
See Carl Stemple, Thomas Hargrove, and Guido Stemple III, "Media Use, Social Structure, and Belief in 9/11 Conspiracy Theories," Journalism and Mass Communications Quarterly 84 (2007), 353-372.
Perry, whose campaign recently added former Fox News producer Lexi Stemple, has appeared 24 times on Fox News since he launched his campaign, fourth among his GOP rivals, according to a tally released Tuesday to Politico.
For Marlboro (122 points), freshman Wilson Ordonez (106 pounds) and junior Michael Phillips (182) were individual champions, freshman Noah Wilcox (113) and junior Charlie Wilcox (126) placed second, senior James Brescia (170) and sophomore Nate Stemple (160) were fifth, and sophomore Trevor Poor was sixth at 132.
In this collection of wise folktales and delicious recipes, Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple present fun facts about the creation of the stories and the history of the dishes.
Among the more than two dozen speakers set to present sessions and panels this year are Michael Kolodziej of Aetna, Charles Stemple of Humana, and Neeraj Chopra of Siemens Healthcare.
Walden, Thoreau's classic account of his sojourn in the Massachusetts woods, provides a reference point for Benning's Stemple Pass, 2012, a long, unsettling film composed of four ravishing shots, taken with a static camera in four different seasons, of a cabin in mountainous terrain.