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Glassware mounted on a stem with a broad base.


(Ceramics) a collective term for glasses, goblets, etc, with stems



glass or crystal vessels, esp. for beverages and desserts, having rounded bowls on stems.
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There was also newness from Kate Spade by Lenox, the highlight being Bell Boulevard, featuring a platinum bow design on the edge of the plate and replicated in crystal stemware.
You can buy everything from organic clothing for the whole family such as organic baby clothes, organic bathrobes, organic pajamas, organic underwear, to natural home linens, organic towels, organic cotton soft toys, earth flags, bonsai trees, hemp socks, organic coffee, Waldorf & Montessori inspired educational toys, nature gifts, yoga supplies, organic chocolates, relaxation accessories, hemp bean bag chairs, inspirational jewelry, organic wine or flowers, gorgeous stemware from recycled bottles, natural skin care products, solar toys, horse tire swings, organic sofas, even a used hybrid electric vehicle, and much much more.
Set apart in Hall 10 with its own booth, f + d is offering non-lead crystal in several collections of stemware and giftware.
Made with titanium--one of the hardest substances after diamond--the stemware line has been put through a barrage of tests: A glass did not bear any scratch marks and retained its luster after being turned in quartz sand 1,000 times.
Beautiful stemware is also a widely appreciated and affordable gift and you will find treasures at Global Artisan.
A number of metals--such as magnesium, titanium and barium--are making their way in to stemware and dinnerware lines, offering consumers more break- and chip-resistant products than ever.
This ever-growing resource educates visitors to the site on everything from matching fine, bottled waters with food, the proper stemware or the right temperature for bottled water.
Complementary crystal stemware has no cuts or decoration and is designed to enhance the taste of the wine.
At the other end of the price spectrum, demand for fine crystal is erratic with fewer people now seeing crystal stemware as relevant to their lifestyles.
NEW YORK-With the growth seen in stemware and the increased interest in wine-drinking and its accompanying accoutrements, stemware collections have become a mainstay for many tabletop manufacturers.
The popularity at retail of Bodum's double-wall construction-which was introduced last year with the Canteen and Pavina lines and added to with Assam-has also led to the introduction of the Manhattan line of stemware.
Additionally, factors such as serving temperature and stemware can also be taken into consideration when drinking fine bottled waters.