step-down transformer

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Noun1.step-down transformer - a transformer that reduces voltage
transformer - an electrical device by which alternating current of one voltage is changed to another voltage
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The layer one consist with initial power generation station, layer two support the transmission of energy power from the generation to distributed substation, layer three and layer four consist with step-up and step-down transformer who performed the accelerating and step-down the electricity for the traveling on the electrical wires for domestic and commercial purposes respectively.
Neither light source needs a ballast; however, there exist low-voltage halogen lamps that do require a step-down transformer, either magnetic or electronic.
The researchers created a network model that had a node for each generating station, substation, and step-down transformer on the grid.
Three-phase and single-phase AC voltages and currents are measured from the lab's step-down transformer, the DES line terminals, the load, and other locations of interest within the DES.
circuit shown in Figure 1 is based on a resonant inverter that uses transistors and a high-frequency step-down transformer to perform voltage conversion.
Because the site ran on 660V, Quantum Controls also needed to supply and install a step-down transformer to match the supply to the drive, together with a step-up transformer to match the drive's output to the needs of the water pump.
One of the problems with the power chargers for all the digital devices you carry around is the step-down transformer end.
If you work on site why not also order our UK manufactured step-down transformer for powering your 110V Breaker off-site from the 230V mains?
The Series SY Dual-Voltage Hot Runner System includes a mainframe cabinet with fused circuit breaker/disconnect, step-down transformer, and floor stand.
Lots of times a bad stator or Step-down transformer is the problem, not the igniter.
Because electrical appliances can't handle so much power, the voltage is reduced to a few thousand volts at a step-down transformer before it's delivered to homes and businesses.