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1. Marked by a gradual progression as if step by step: "Quantum mechanics is a natural system of stepwise interactions that governs very small things" (Malcolm W. Browne).
2. Music Moving from one tone to an adjacent one.

step′wise′ adv.


1. arranged in the manner of or resembling steps
2. (Music, other) music US proceeding by melodic intervals of a second
3. with the form or appearance of steps; step by step
4. (Music, other) music US in a stepwise motion



1. in a steplike arrangement.
2. Music. moving from one adjacent tone to another.
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Adj.1.stepwise - one thing at a time
gradual - proceeding in small stages; "a gradual increase in prices"
Adv.1.stepwise - proceeding in steps; "the voltage was increased stepwise"


adj, advschritt- or stufenweise
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Wowoo Wallet will stepwisely be linked to Wowoo, ICO platform that supports placing value towards inspiring contents, which is scheduled to be released in spring of 2018.
Stepwise isothermal crystallization (SIC) was performed as follows: the samples were first heated to 210[degrees]C under a dry nitrogen atmosphere and held for 5 min, and then stepwisely crystallized at preset temperatures.
The measurement setup (or stirring sequence) of the RC is chosen such that: The turn-table platform was step-wisely moved to 20 platform positions evenly distributed over one complete platform rotation; at each platform position the two plates were simultaneously and stepwisely moved to 50 positions (equally spanned on the total distances that they can move).