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A three-dimensional printing process that makes a solid object from a computer image by using a computer-controlled laser to draw the shape of the object onto the surface of liquid plastic.
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Stereolithographic biomodelling in cranio-maxillofacial surgery: a prospective trial.
However there are still limitations such as the precision of details, which is dependent on technical limits (pixel size, slice thickness) and the artifacts of CT scanning, the representation of bone structures without contact with surrounding bone structures, and the cost of stereolithographic models.
Sample CADD files of structural beam/cone designs, Stereolithographic (STL) 3D files of beams/ cones, testing fixtures/devices and a (Linear Model and trend line) spreadsheet are available for reference or download and utilization, They can be found at the PFMS Technology Engineering website: www.
The team use fused-filament (drug-loaded polymer strands) and stereolithographic (drug-loaded photo-cured polymers) printers to fabricate tablets and drug-loaded devices to understand and exploit the advantages this technique can bring to drug delivery.
Precise insertion of orthodontic miniscrews with a stereolithographic surgical guide based on cone beam computed tomography data: A pilot study, Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2011; 26(4): 860-65.
The PS3,500 Formlabs Form1+ stereolithographic printer - bought with the aid of a separate kickstarter campaign - has since been used to create models for paying customers.
New, affordable stereolithographic printers might offer even better resolution, but current models have relatively small build volumes.
The show features a stereolithographic projector, a conceptual game built around the idea of 3D cinema.
cliNical aPPlicaTioN of sTereoliThoGraPhic surGical Guides for iMPlaNT PlaceMeNT: PreliMiNary resulTs.
precision engineered investment castings using stereolithographic (SLA) rapid prototype technology, an additive manufacturing process that produces objects from CAD models by printing successive layers of curable resin that are hardened via ultraviolet light.
Bohez, Statistical analysis of the stereolithographic process to improve the accuracy, Computer-Aided Design 39 (1), 80-86 (2007).
Three-dimensional printing, technically known as stereolithographic fabrication, has become increasingly popular, not only among industry, but for personal use.