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A three-dimensional printing process that makes a solid object from a computer image by using a computer-controlled laser to draw the shape of the object onto the surface of liquid plastic.
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Also known as vat photopolymerization, Stereolithography 3D prints designs within a bed of liquid plastic.
Chuck Hull is the inventor of the solid imaging process known as stereolithography, the first commercial 3D-printing technology.
157/EML/C/14 Stereolithography Rapid Manufacturing Machine.
8220;In order to live out our mission and vision, we needed to bring on more equipment to support our growing stereolithography service.
Stereolithography is highly precise and constructs the object in a series of "additive layers," providing the advantage of producing highly complex forms that would be expensive and very time consuming to fabricate by machining or traditional molding techniques.
Medical-device producers have been largely unfamiliar with stereolithography as a prototyping technology.
According to Quickparts, RenShape SL 7820 is a black, low viscosity stereolithography resin with excellent accuracy and was designed for use on solid state SLA platforms.
We are excited to be able to deliver to the marketplace a Rapid Manufacturing solution that leverages decades of mass customization know-how and experience," said Lee Dockstader, vice president and general manager for 3D Systems' Stereolithography products.
Jason Morgan, Harvest's stereolithography production manager says the material's low viscosity allowed the firm to clean and finish parts more easily.
For example, what will appear to be the bones in the new mount in many cases will be plaster casts of plastic models created with a process known as stereolithography.
He is well known for authoring the book Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing: Fundamentals of StereoLithography which was published in 1992.