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 (stĕr′ē-ō-mī′krə-skōp′, stîr′-)
A microscope equipped for stereoscopic viewing.

ster′e·o·mi′cro·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
ster′e·o·mi·cros′co·py (-mī-krŏs′kə-pē) n.
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Contract award notice: : mgr16 - microscopes and stereomicroscopes for direct practical education
Within the realm of formulation, The LV100N research polarizing microscope, the multi-purpose AZ100 Multizoom upright zoom microscope, covering a wide range of magnifications, and Nikon's top of the range high zoom SMZ25 and SMZ18 stereomicroscopes, in particular, can be used to study a wide range of properties.
Nikon's SMZ25 and SMZ18 high-res stereomicroscopes are suited for all bioscience applications.
has unveiled two new stereomicroscopes, its Nikon SMZ25 and SMZ18 systems.
Long countertops hold computer workstations, stereomicroscopes, and other equipment used to analyze samples.
The human eye does most of the handwriting examinations, but examiners also employ stereomicroscopes to look at details in the ink line, Gayle explained.
While some workstations feature optical stereomicroscopes, this one has an electronic stereomicroscope, separate from the laser optics, that facilitates precision operation.
This article describes the main types of magnifying devices used in the coatings industry, including low magnification lenses, stereomicroscopes, and compound microscopes.
Within this segment, compound microscopes and stereomicroscopes are the two major product segments, either of which can be augmented by digital cameras for image capture.
Stereomicroscopes typically used by amateur mineralogists are designed for the buyer's budget and to support the requirements of the human eye.
This module should be completed in conjunction with Chapter 6 Microscopy Review for proper operation of stereomicroscopes.
The Z6 and Z16 APO stereomicroscopes are for visual inspection, machine vision, and documentation.