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 (stĕr′ē-ə-tăk′sĭs, stîr′-) also ster·e·o·tax·y (stĕr′ē-ə-tăk′sē, stîr′-)
A method in neurosurgery and neurological research for locating points within the brain using an external, three-dimensional frame of reference usually based on the Cartesian coordinate system.

ster′e·o·tac′tic (-tăk′tĭk), ster′e·o·tax′ic (-tăk′sĭk), ster′e·o·tac′ti·cal (-tăk′tĭ-kəl), ster′e·o·tax′i·cal (-tăk′sĭ-kəl) adj.
ster′e·o·tac′ti·cal·ly, ster′e·o·tax′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌstɛr i əˈtæk sɪk, ˌstɪər-)

of or pertaining to precise measurements in three dimensions of a place in the brain, esp. as an adjunct to surgery or radiation.
[1905–10; stereo- + -taxic]
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The ExactechGPS is intended for use during preoperative planning and during stereotaxic surgery to aid the surgeon in locating anatomical structures and aligning the endoprostheses with the anatomical structures.
Based on bregma for stereotaxic surgery (21), the rats were first anesthetized with an intraperitoneal combination of ketamine (50 mg/kg) and xylazine (10 mg/kg) and then their heads were fixed in a stereotaxic apparatus.
The mean latencies and swim path lengths in both the groups suggest that their motor performance (ability to swim) was unaffected by the stereotaxic surgery, whereas the ICV-STZ group tended to use more time than the controls in the following trials.